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Falcon Social Media Management : Q&A | From people with limb differences, prosthetics and those who ride a wheelchair, to caregivers and people with hidden disabilities or limited dexterity. Fashion is about empowering everybody - Tommy Hilfiger fal.cn/33ZNB #beazleydesignsoftheyear Tommy Hilfiger

TweetDeck : “Imagination is essential.
Future leaders will have to imagine and create from the space of possibility of the change for their lives.”
#NXTHVN #dbbdconference

SocialFlow : See how Apple Card users are customizing their plain white credit cards f-st.co/93fCWOn

Buffer : From the archive 📚: This is what sand looks like when you zoom in very, very close > bit.ly/2O7ntjI

iPhone : AIGA EMERGE is back in session, just like Fall Semester.

With that in mind, check out the EMERGE blog below for interviews with @comd_citytech s Douglas Davis, Angelica Yip, Jamar Callender, and Elena Barbosa.

#aigatogether #aiga #aigaemerge #design #education twitter.com/phimher/status…

Twitter Web App : “In the end, the word “shrill” is not about the off-putting volume, pitch, or timbre of a woman’s voice—it’s an attempt to silence a voice”.

A Century of “Shrill”: How Bias in Technology Has Hurt Women’s Voices | The New Yorker #2020Election #women newyorker.com/culture/cultur…

Twitter Web App : Looking to hire for a few roles! Freelance Designer, freelance producer, Design intern, email team@andwalsh.com to apply with your website / resume

TweetDeck : Our friends at Paperspecs are launching a multi-city, hands-on paper and print event for brand owners and designers, kicking off in Chicago on September 18. More info here: eventbrite.com/e/paperspecs-l…

iPhone : The oscar-winning filmmaker + graphic designer satyajit ray made the best posters you’ve never seen (if you are a Western designer) eyeondesign.aiga.org/AvzKR via @aigaeyeondesign

Twitter for iPad : I learned how to be a good designer from Massimo. But I learned how to be a successful designer from Lella. designobserver.com/article.php?id…

iPhone : One’s repugnance at the spectacle of Lewandowski shouldn’t blind us to its significance. It was the essence of Trumpism: Not merely contempt for the truth or disdain for the law, but a kind of visceral loathing for the institutions and norms of a constitutional liberal democracy.

iPhone : I love that Roman Roy goes to one day of management training, meets one normal guy who seems fairly capable, and is convinced he’s discovered a “rough diamond.”

Twitter Web App : I think maybe the worst thing that could happen to a person is to go online and there are 5 Fast Facts about you on Heavy dot com.

Twitter Web App : Please remember her name when you are late to something or anxious to make the light or distracted to boredom on a conference call behind the wheel. Five miles an hour slower might have saved her life. She was one of us. twitter.com/LADOTofficial/…

iPhone : 💔 Painful. The beating heart of Harvard Square—the great #OutofTownNews—will soon become ”an information booth.” twitter.com/CambridgeDay/s…

TweetDeck : ian smile Every year this guy would assemble a torrent from the SXSW samples posted on their website. I guess I stopped downloading them about 10 years ago as its a HUGE impact on my library and takes months to prune, but I still hear songs and think huh what is their other stuff like?

iPhone : I lived with Kavanaugh at Yale.The FBI never returned my call.

Many were in the same place; they tried to get in contact with FBI, with no luck. Now GOP senators are claiming FBI report showed nothing they didnt already know. Bullshit


iPhone : The fate of this unused building is a typical example in an ongoing turf war between shelter providers and the federal government 🏚️ citylab.com/equity/2019/09…

iPhone : hello hello!

Q for you:

What have you always wanted to know about New York City and/or New Yorkers?

What questions do you have about the city’s culture, politics, economy, history, etc? Let us know!

iPhone : So interesting. In this poll Warren leads among white people, even more among Hispanics—and is so far behind Biden among black people. Why? How much of that reticence/skepticism is not liking her and how much worrying she can’t beat Trump? twitter.com/stevekornacki/…

Twitter for iPhone : First Draft

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Twitter Web App : Daily Stormer is offline again and will “have trouble staying online for the future.”

The site can no longer afford the web protection service Bitmitigate, per Andrew Anglin on Gab:

iPhone : What did you do during the Chicken Sandwich Wars, daddy? twitter.com/kate_h_taylor/…

Android : Joe Biden was among the principal and earliest movers of the policy agenda that would become the war on drugs and mass incarceration, and he did so in the face of initial reluctance from none other than President Ronald Reagan. interc.pt/2AsZseQ

iPhone : I don’t normally shoutout opposition players but Teoscar Hernandez is a class act in left field. He was bopping along to our home team chants (apparently a Beatles fan!) and was really good natured towards our light hecklers. He made some friends tonight in Baltimore.

Twitter for iPad : I had to play Safety Dance for my kid so she could get this joke. twitter.com/rezzobob/statu…

Android : This is why my roommates have to lock the door when they take a shower. ☠️

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Twitter Web App : An honor for @MagaDesign to be working w/ such an #Inclusive #StateGov PA Department of Education & Pedro Rivera on #America250PA -- amazing statewide #Collaboration w/ #educators #industry #communities strengthening social fabric #BecomePartOfHistory #NEPAmovement twitter.com/America250_PA/…

iPhone : I’m angry. I’m angry that my dear friend Alison Turkos was kidnapped at gunpoint, brought across state lines and raped repeatedly by her Lyft driver and two other men. And Im LIVID that since then, Lyft has done nothing to stop this from happening again. medium.com/@alturkos/why-…

iPhone : “You have to say, ‘I’ve got a hell of a lot more to learn,’ and try to be open to learn it even if you’re trying to teach yourself. So I never think of myself as a professional, always as an amateur” Charles Santore. nytimes.com/2019/08/23/boo… via ⁦The New York Times

Twitter Web App : I wrote the essay for Readymags new Designing Women pack, in which I explore the history and current experiences of women in the graphic design field >> designingwomen.readymag.com/essay/ twitter.com/readymag/statu…

Twitter Web App : My colleagues Jacob Metcalf, Manny Moss, and I interviewed ethics owners in tech to understand how companies are grappling with values and institutional trade-offs. See our new paper: datasociety.net/output/owning-…

iPhone : me: “pack the court! pack the court!”

the people reading my column: “pack the court! pack the court!”

[hopefully] the whole democratic party: “PACK THE COURT! PACK THE COURT!”


Twitter Web App : My friend’s entire company is locked out of their WeWork office because an umbrella fell, jamming the door.

No one can figure it out. It’s been like this for 2 days.

Twitter for iPad : Owners and operators of the Hot Sauce Williams Bar-BQ Chain. Source: ClevelandPubLibrary in Black America Series: #Cleveland, Ohio by Regennia N. Williams.

iPhone : So proud of this ingeniously done 1619 audio journey. And despite what I say in the first minute: Brett (Brett Colbert) does indeed know his Yacht Rock. Lots more, too. podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/161…

iPhone : the fact that buying organic milk seems kind of a pathetic answer to all this but it’s all I’ve come up with so far, that and making pies

—Lucy Ellmann, Ducks, Newburyport

iPhone : A point well made that could describe all of the colonial effort: “He didn’t discover anything down here, and we object to Tuia 250 using euphemisms like ‘encounters’ and ‘meetings’ to disguise what were actually invasions.” theguardian.com/world/2019/sep…

iPhone : Here’s Trump’s public schedule for tomorrow. He has added a border visit to his previously scheduled two fundraisers. (Presidents have used such events in part to charge a portion of their otherwise-explicitly-political travel to the public.)

iPhone : Hey Susan Wojcicki and TeamYouTube, how are you still hosting this virulently anti-Semitic video? Why is it so hard to keep hate off of your website?

This is just more proof that you care far more about engagement than the safety and health of your platform. twitter.com/jaredlholt/sta…

Twitter Web App : Fun! Another Google/Scott McCloud comic, this one an intro to machine learning:


iPhone : Ok, so what should you know about the Facebooks Oversight Board?! What the heck is this thing, where did it come from, and why should you care about the documents they released today?

Until I can publish my (very long law review) paper (no one will read) I MADE A THREAD.


Twitter Web App : “I learned to always take on things I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.” Ginni Rometty.

A big thank you to those participating in this special IBA Events program: DavisPolk, Chiomenti, @Slaughterandmay, @blacklawslaw, AJ Park and @Ibarnews twitter.com/DeborahFarone/…

Twitter Web Client : Hey, folks, Im taking a week off Twitter and most other social media (and from most news regarding the outside world) to focus on writing, and to basically take a vacation from the entire rest of the planet. See you in seven days or thereabouts!