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Twitter Web Client : Bird feathers have growth bars that can be used, like tree rings, to measure growth rates (ptilochronology). In awesome paper by Ryan Terrill they reveal dramatic patterns in rate of feather growth across the Neotropics: bioone.org/doi/full/10.16…

Twitter Web Client : Our preprint describing some of the cool things that SLiM and #msprime can achieve by cooperating. Tree sequences allow us simulate models at previously unthinkable scales, and seamlessly blend forward and backward sims. biorxiv.org/content/early/…

Twitter Web Client : Joseph W. Brown Was just looking at that paper - certainly seems bigger. I think it fits what I am looking for as long as all the molecular data were involved in producing the tree as part of a single study (i.e., not a supertree based on trees from multiple prior projects).

Twitter Web Client : Parrot Crossbill is genetically very similar to the (sympatric) Common Crossbill, whereas there are greater differences among Common Crossbill subspecies in W Europe: onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.111…