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Bio 9 years in the NFL. 2 rings. #9years2rings
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iPhone : Would vote for Bloomberg over Pence, for example, or any number of theocratic white supremacists currently finding shelter in Trump’s ample asshole. twitter.com/charlienorwood…

iPhone : David Stansberry No. He’s anti-gun, a climate activist, and an experienced administrator. I worry about his attitude about healthcare reform. He’d be much better on immigration and improve our standing globally. But I don’t think he’d go far enough on any of these issues. And he sucks as a dude.

iPhone : He’s not my choice by any means but the idea that Mike Bloomberg is a fascist is ludicrous except when it comes to soda sizes. twitter.com/rygbiv/status/…

iPhone : I actually think he’d be a totally competent centrist president which would be fine but a vast improvement over what we have. I have no idea about anybody’s electability. twitter.com/bscottchristma…

iPhone : Awesome of you to decide to do this after Elizabeth Warren dissolved you into a puddle of quivering molecules on the debate stage. twitter.com/mikebloomberg/…