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Twitter Web Client : Riddle #13: The electromagnetic spectrum is huge, ranging from radio, TV to X rays and gamma rays, yet our eyes can only see the tiniest sliver of this huge spectrum, visible light. Why?

Twitter Web Client : Ans. to Riddle #12. Where did the water of Mars go? The leading theory is that Mars has a very weak magnetic field, so cannot protect itself from the harsh solar wind, which gradually dissipated the atmosphere of Mars. This caused the oceans to boil and evaporate into space.

Twitter Web Client : If an object gets too close to the event horizon of a black hole, then it might get sucked in. But farther away from the event horizon, the gravity field looks normal, so stars orbit safely around it.

Twitter Web Client : Ans. to Riddle #11. Why doesn't the earth plunge into a black hole? Far from the event horizon, the gravity around a black hole is Newtonian, i.e. diminishes like the inverse square of the distance. Hence, the earth orbits safely around the black hole at the center of the galaxy.

Twitter Web Client : I often get asked: Star Wars or Star Trek, which do you prefer? For dazzling special effects, I prefer Star Wars. However, I like Star Trek because it often raises all sorts of social and even philosophical questions about society, life, meaning, and the universe.

Twitter Web Client : However, the standard answer is that it's just the distance between galaxies that is increasing, so the universe isn't expanding into anything at all (like uniformly stretching a two dimensional sheet of rubber, which only expands in the same two dimensions, not three).

Twitter Web Client : Ans. to Riddle #10. What is the universe expanding into? Personally, I believe the universe is expanding into #hyperspace, ie. into 11 dimension, according to string theory, like a floating bubble in a much larger arena. However...

Twitter Web Client : So the big bang was just the collision of two universes, or the fissioning of a universe into a baby universe. This concept fits into the inflationary universe theory, which all the data and is the leading theory of the big bang itself. So time did not begin with the big bang.

Twitter Web Client : String theory leaves open the possibility that our bubble/universe collided or fissioned into other universes, as in a bubble bath, so there was a multiverse of universes before our universe was born. This idea might even be testable.

Twitter Web Client : My colleague, the late Stephen Hawking, did not believe in God because there was no time in which to create the universe right after the big bang. But string theory actually takes you before the big bang, to the multiverse. So the big bang is the not the beginning of time.

Twitter Web Client : Riddle #9. Where does Einstein's theory of gravity completely break down? (Einstein himself knew this, that is he was searching for the theory of everything, the unified field theory.)

Twitter Web Client : Similarly, you cannot definitively prove the non-existence of unicorns. So I am not an atheist. I personally find much wisdom in Einstein's belief in the God of Spinoza, a God of beauty, simplicity, elegance, and truth, when the universe might have been random, ugly, and chaotic

Twitter Web Client : Can you prove the existence of God? Probably not. Science is based on evidence which is testable, reproducible, and falsifiable. So God is outside the usual boundary of science. Also, it is impossible to disprove a negative, so you cannot disprove the existence of God, either.

Twitter Web Client : Ans. to Riddle #8: What was Matthew McConaughey doing, floating in a cell at the end of Interstellar? He was floating in the hyperspace predicted by string theory. Since 10 and 11 dimensions cannot be described on film, the producers had him floating in a 4D hypercube.

Twitter Web Client : How to verify string theory? Critics claim that string theory is untestable. But there are number of experiments to test it. If dark matter particles are create by the LHS, or found in detectors, they might be photinos, the super particle of the photon predicted by string theory.

Twitter Web Client : I often get asked:What might alien intelligent life look like? I don't know. But own evolution favored 3 things: a) some form of stereo eyesight b) some form of thumb or grasping instrument c) language. Even on earth, among animals only humans have developed all three.