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Bio I’m 14 years old and I have a podcast called Behind Every Face where I interview ordinary people with extraordinary life stories.
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iPhone : Got in touch with a music producer that I spoke with a few months ago about a tune for the intro of my podcast. I was asking how much he charged but he just went and spent his whole evening making an amazing track and told me it was free. Still good people in the world.

iPhone : Formby Yoga Hopefully it was the corset that she was wearing. After all the first thing she said was how it was too tight and how it was affecting something else but she didn’t look comfortable. It looked like she found it difficult to move around but that might be prosthetics doing that.

iPhone : Why aren’t more people talking about Jurassic Park #TheFilmWasBetter

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iPhone : I know that everyone is mentioning the fact that Madonna was pretty rude on the #GrahamNorton show, which is true, but did anyone notice how difficult she found breathing? I know she was wearing a corset but she did not look well at all.

iPhone : So I’m looking to speak to people with extraordinary life stories for my podcast. If you have a story that you would like to share with others then leave me a reply or send me a DM. Also share this with anyone else who has a great story too.

#FridayFeeling #podcasting #podcaster

iPhone : Social Media for Podcasts No problem, thanks for yours too.

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iPhone : Kimberley BBC Listen, I’m just giving my personal opinion, as are you. If you’re so angry about the fees then take it out on the bbc because I’m not really in a position to abolish them myself. I understand why you might not think it is fair but I am entitled to have a different point of view.

iPhone : Kimberley BBC All I’m saying is that the BBC is not unbearably expensive for the shows and other services they provide for the country and they are not forcing people to watch live tv but if those people want to then I think the money that it costs to do so is reasonable enough.

iPhone : Kimberley BBC I mean Netflix are constantly saying that they are going to be raising their monthly fees so I don’t think it’s going to be like that for very long. And if you are mostly watching Netflix then have you considered just having a smart tv so that you don’t have to pay for the BBC?