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iPhone : Heidi N. Moore Yeah I saw that other one they did tracking how well Americans are self-distancing and was like oh right gotta double check all my tracking is all turned off this is creepy not fun and informative

Twitter Web Client : SCOOP: Instacart's workers are planning a nationwide strike on Monday to protest the company's response to coronavirus.

Wildcat strikes have been sweeping the country in recent days, but this marks the first major walkout in the gig economy.

Twitter Web Client : "Trump would love to get in a fight with Joe Biden" Great. So what? Trump picks fights. He's a bully. It's what he does. But right now he's picking fights with Govs trying to save lives and contain an unprecedented, world-historical pandemic. Maybe step in and take that heat Joe

Twitter Web Client : Remember when part of Biden's appeal was that he would be able to do the macho tough guy "I'll punch you in the mouth" routine and put the cowardly bully Trump in his place? What happened to that Joe Biden? Where did he go?

Twitter Web Client : I've read a few place where people are concerned about "Biden becoming the story." Folks...if you're worried about your nominee for President "becoming the story" then you need a new nominee.

Twitter Web Client : If the logic to Biden's complete not-assertiveness is that he's afraid it will rebound negatively on Democrats, and that he can't sell how bad a job Trump is doing, or how much better things would be if he were President--then I would suggest he drop out of professional politics twitter.com/whstancil/stat…

iPhone : mayor of dunkin jlindy77 Even to the extent that it *is* an object—a shadow is actually a whole area of space behind whatever is blocking the light. What we see as “a shadow on the ground” is merely one outer extremity of this area. But the whole shadow area has l/d/h.

iPhone : We would spend relentlessly; still not defeat it; fight a totally different disease; fail to understand how our efforts metastasized it into something much worse; perform horrific medical experiments on millions of innocents who we saw as subhuman; and justify it all on our pain. twitter.com/defensebaron/s…