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iPhone : Ben Shapiro literally doesn’t believe in the right to vote, in case anyone is missing the point of his “argument”

iPhone : “It’s not that I’m in favor of denying people the right to vote, I’m just innocently endorsing the usual methods, practices, and rationales employed to deny people the right to vote” twitter.com/jasonscampbell…

iPhone : many of the 76 men who wrote the south carolina constitution of 1868 had just been emancipated from slavery a few years earlier. some were barely literate. the constitution they wrote guaranteed public education, abolished race discrimination, and gave rights to women. twitter.com/jasonscampbell…

Twitter Web Client : I guess you could argue Iowa violated the social compact it has with America in which it provides prompt media narratives in exchange for getting to go first under this crazy system. But that feels separate from whether voters’ support eventually gets accurately counted.

iPhone : Iowa Cauces are today. Which means we can finally stop futzing around brainstorming possible plot lines and get down to the business of really crafting the narrative.