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iPhone : Patrick Minford answering my question on the potential impact of a harder Brexit on the UK car industry in 2012.

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iPhone : The #irexit candidate (IFP) for Dublin Bay South was beaten by spoiled votes. I hope this registers with some folk elsewhere #hottakesfromafar

iPhone : Free ports you say... You can have freeports in the EU. In fact there are 80. In fact there were free ports in the UK until the Cons/Lib Dem Govt in 2012 let the legislation for them lapse. Countries are moving away from freeports as the are beds of fraud & criminality. But sure. twitter.com/LeaveEUOfficia…

iPhone : No. Thats when you were a child. Its when you were unaware of how messy, complicated and hard the world (and living in it) is.

The thing youre trying to get back to isnt a time when Britain was great.

Its childhood.

iPhone : On a train in Doncaster. Young guy (late 20s) in seat nearby heard me sending an audio message in Catalan.

"What the f***. Speak in English-o"

First time I heard that in 28 years in the UK.

Feel sorry for him. He probably only speaks one language

iPhone : I wonder what they’ll call the bridge, paid for by mainly by English taxpayers, that will link a newly unified Ireland with the EU’s 28th member, an independent Scotland?

The Barnier Bridge has a nice ring to it.

Or just “The Tusk”?

iPhone : LOOK: At some point we’re going to have to address the embedded racism that exists among a large percentage of the Daily Mail readership. Case in point; here they are triggered into fury over the suggestion that a black woman could get a job without political correctness.