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Twitter Web Client : 2 ago, I made a short video that criticized publications for ranking America's Top 4-Yr #colleges & Univ while ignoring 2-yr #tradeschools. To their credit, Forbes acknowledged the bias, & dedicated an issue to ranking the best trade schools in the country. Nice job, Forbes.…

Android : #TheWayIHeardIt
A certified dreamer was born on this day, not too long ago. Amazing, how many of his #dreams have come true...
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#podcast #mystery #story

Twitter Web Client : I literally just snorted & spit a mouthful coffee all over my keyboard. Thank you, Teresa Ann Issacs, Queen of the Memes. For the record Ive never played in a rock and roll band.
As #axlrose would say, welcome to the jungle...

Twitter Web Client : By George, I Think He’s Got It! Pat George say “Please explain to me how its ethical to blast out a persons identity to an audience of 5.2 million people?”
Hi Pat. Ill demonstrate it! But first, a quick tutorial for those new to this convo #Read… #

Android : What could be more fascinating than a text from mother? 
How about an up-to-the-minute #weather report?
#videosfrommom #hailstorm #mom #dad #storm

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Android : Tonight on #SomebodysGottaDoIt, I run from a #bull after being told not to #run from a bull, and #learn that there are no athiests in the bull ring...
9pm Eastern, 8 Central, only on TBN #watch

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Twitter Web Client : Big day at mikeroweWORKS. As we near the occasion of our 10th anniversary, (Labor Day) I’m pleased, honored, and relieved to announce the completion of another Work Ethic Scholarship Program. This year, we’re awarding $600K to 182 individuals. Full list of

Twitter Web Client : Its amazing today, how many kids dont leave home with a brown bag filled with something worth eating, and wind up with something called school lunch debt. Not as amazing however, as the guy who doing something to fix it... #ReturningTheFavor

Twitter Web Client : Lots of questions regarding the availability of Moms book. Heres what I can tell you. About My Mother will definitely have a second printing. In the meantime, If youre not following her on FB, youre missing daily missives like this one...

Twitter Web Client : Full disclosure - Tonights #episode of #SomebodyGottDoIt is a bit rocky. #Tonight a 9pm ET, 8 Central, only on TBN

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Twitter Web Client : #FridaysWithFreddy I lost an old #friend today. Her name was Molly, & if I’d been a few years older the night we met, we might have had a swinging good time. Alas, ours was a May/Dec #romance & too much time between too few meetings. #Read more -…

Twitter Web Client : Yesterday was National _______ Day. I cant tell you what the ________ is, because doing so would ruin the surprise of the #story, which is was written in honor of __________s everywhere. Enjoy. New #episodes all month, starting next week. #TheWayIHeardIt