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iPhone : KT James Climate Crisis There is a lot of nuance in the whole honesty thing. Most people aren’t even 100% honest with themselves much less others. Sounds easy but get to 50+ and tell me you have been 100% honest with your partner about every.single.thing that has happened in your life.

iPhone : Aditi I guess it’s the word “most” that raises my eyebrow (Spock-style...)

I’m willing to stipulate to “many” though. 👍

Twitter Web App : The Great War & Modern Memory I dunno, seems inefficient. Wouldn't it be easier to bless the clouds? I mean, why not just make ALL water "holy water'? Is there some sort to volume limitation here? 1 liter per priest per hour or something? Is there a formula? How does this scale?

Twitter Web App : Aditi . So is that really true---that "most homophobes are repressed homosexuals"? I mean, it's makes a good soundbite, but it seems more logical that they are frightened and intimidated by homosexuality because it's so outside their understanding. Ignorance breeds fear and anger.