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The Mrs.Gravely #Resist 馃挋馃寑馃寠#GoGators馃悐

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Android : Trump鈥檚 campaign shared internal polling data with a Russian operative & the Russians then used Facebook鈥檚 geographic targeting features to hit Americans in specific locations with political ads.

猡达笍 This info sharing should be illegal.

It would be with my #SHIELDACT.

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Android : 鈥淢eticulous鈥 and 鈥渃ontemporaneous鈥 notes are a lawyer鈥檚 dream when they help make the case. They are a lawyer鈥檚 worst nightmare when they make the case against. Sounds like Halloween comes early for #Trump team. #Impeachment鈥

Android : Taylor had to be subpoenaed this morning so the WH couldn鈥檛 block his testimony. Early reports are that it鈥檚 very damaging to Trump. Expect him to go full bore on diversionary tactics & don鈥檛 fall for it. Stay focused.鈥

Android : If you don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 reprehensible for the president to compare a constitutional oversight process to lynching, you鈥檙e invited to come to Alabama and learn about the history of lynchings in the Deep South

Android : We live in a world where a 73 year-old white, baby boomer, real estate developer President cries that he鈥檚 being 鈥渓ynched鈥 for being held accountable for his actions. Because apparently when you鈥檝e been privileged all your life, any form of justice feels like targeted oppression.

Android : US State Department booked 45 rooms at Riyadh鈥檚 Burj Rafal Hotel for Kushner and Mnuchin to attend Saudi investment forum鈥

Android : Haven鈥檛 even had coffee yet & the occupant of the WH, the bigoted man who called for the execution of the exonerated 5, is tossing the word 鈥榣ynching鈥 around. Lord give me the strength to not take the bait but hold this man accountable for every single thing he says and does.

Android : NEW: 鈥淲e got a QUEER running for President... the white man has very few rights.鈥

Watch Sevier County Commissioner Warren Hurst鈥檚 homophobic, bigoted outburst Monday, telling folks to 鈥渨ake up鈥.

Mayor鈥檚 office: 865-453-6136
Hurst: 865-453-8513


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Android : Are you... fucking... kidding... me?

It's like the Taliban in suits.

We are in a very, *very* scary time.