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slammed on works

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TweetDeck : that said, I will still stand by my spicy take that the chevy smallblock is only good because you can rebuild one at a summit auto store for ten dollars. I don't think that if you evaluate it on the same level of genre-defining as other V8s it's up there. the 454 is way cooler

TweetDeck : also, I am trying to get replies! not because I could give a fuck about my brand or engagements but because I am living in a panicked hell and I want to talk to people about cool cars they like because it is so much more fun than anxiety

TweetDeck : also yeah a Tatra 603 is a car that I want so bad if I saw one for sale and I knew it was the only dream-tier car I'd ever own I might fuckin' do it. there's other cars that are cool and faster and sportier but my god they are the V I B E

TweetDeck : this is a shitpost with a slight bit of truth to it - I do actually think the 2URGSE will be regarded as an all-time great of V8s and the 1UZ is sitting at #1 on my "desire to swap into anything at all" list, but there are obviously a killer fuckton of great V8s

TweetDeck : slammed on works ahem: B8444S

a quiet*, understated** powerplant

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