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Android : Kevin was required to see a therapist when he got to the US. She said their sessions would be private. Instead, everything he disclosed was passed to ICE, to be used against him in court.

This is now happening in migrant child shelters around the…

Android : Un migrante menor en custodia del gobierno estadounidense acudió a terapia. Sus secretos y traumas, que él creía confidenciales, se utilizaron más tarde en su contra. No es el único. Por Hannah Dreier…

Android : if you’re a journalist who doesn’t feel like learning new things anymore, retire or switch careers. there are more eager people who deserve your fat salary. But mostly because you’ve essentially stopped being a journalist.

Twitter Web App : This is terrible, but many Asian Americans were bracing for this: Bullies attack Asian American teen at school, accusing him of having coronavirus. He is 16.… via CBS News

Android : “You’re homophobes, that’s what you all are, you’re homophobes!” a Buttigieg supporter yelled at the protesters after the event.

“We’re all gay!” a protester responded.…

Twitter Web Client : This lede: "It’s a high-class but increasingly common problem: being a former magazine editor in a digitized world that cares little about whose name used to be on top of a defunct masthead."

Twitter Web App : Flipante historia de espionaje🕵️‍♂️The CIA secretly bought a company that sold encryption devices across the world. Then its spies sat back and listened:…

Android : Una historia sobre el negocio de sortear casas. Javier Cárdenas hizo una rifa benéfica de su "segunda residencia" para donar a una niña enferma. Lo publicitó en TVE y recaudó cuatro veces más.…

Twitter Web Client : “Even in the smallest of jurisdictions you run a lot of elections — you have contingency plans. The parties, bless their hearts, they don’t do this very much and that’s the bottom line.”…