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Bio Former baby and aspiring ghost. Writes about our tools and how they shape us for @WSJ. My DMs are open, be nice.
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Twitter Web App : Where does this lead? Involuntary commitment by the Feds based on your behavior on social media? Truly, truly dystopian.…

Twitter Web App : Some people think universal background checks are too much of an infringement on liberty, but what we’re talking about here is researchers helping create a pathway to use consumer surveillance and AI to perpetually monitor people in their homes.…

Nuzzel : If everyone in the country reduced their consumption of beef, pork, and poultry by a quarter and substituted plant proteins, we’d save about 82 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year.…

Twitter Web App : If the ultimate point of all existence is entropy and we’re just overly elaborate oxidation reactions we should replace people with like, fire

Twitter Web App : If you think about it everyone you know is just a Rube Goldbergian way to create more entropy in the universe