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Bio Astrophysicist, science promoter, and traveler - Astrofísica, divulgadora científica y viajera.
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iPhone : Paul Hartogh discussing why different bodies in the solar system have such different amounts of deuterium. Miriam Rengel looks at the atmosphere of Titan and its mysteries. #Herschel10Years

iPhone : 10 years later... the ESA Herschel) 's Twitter Profile">ESA Herschel scientific family. Thinking of all those at ESAoperations) 's Twitter Profile">ESA Operations, at ESA and in industry who made this celebration possible. #Herschel10Years. ESA Herschel) 's Twitter Profile">ESA Herschel had a cast of thousands: thank you all.

iPhone : If you want to follow the #Herschel10Years celebration workshop on the ESAC YouTube channel, here is the link. twitter.com/esascience/sta…

iPhone : The *new* ESA Herschel post-mission brochure is published!

Here is where you can find out about it: sci.esa.int/herschel/61336…

And here you can download it directly: sci.esa.int/jump.cfm?oid=6… twitter.com/esascience/sta…

iPhone : #Herschel10Years You can follow the "Herschel Ten Years After Launch: Science and Celebration" workshop presentations on ESAC's live streaming channel at:


iPhone : ✅ Good news from #Juice, our #Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer: after passing its critical design review, the mission has been given the green light for full development, marking the start of the qualification & production phase #HowWeMakeASpaceMission
Details: sci.esa.int/juice/61286-re…

Twitter Web Client : Day 2 of the DPG Spring Conference in Munich is complete, and my invited talk (on planetary atmospheres in our own Solar System and beyond) is already presented. Great Symposium on Remote Sensing of Planetary Atmospheres!

iPhone : Ariel (Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey) will take exoplanet characterisation further, focusing on analysing planetary atmospheres & providing a large and diverse census of #exoplanet families #ScienceAtESA sci.esa.int/ariel/

iPhone : #Jupiter and its many moons is like a mini-solar system in its own right! #Science from the Juice mission will help inform us about the many #exoplanet systems out there, too. Juice science in depth: sci.esa.int/juice/50068-sc… #ScienceAtESA

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iPhone : Juice will carry the most powerful remote sensing, geophysical, and in situ payload complement ever flown to the outer Solar System #ScienceAtESA 📷 esa.int/spaceinimages/…

iPhone : Ready for a journey to the outer Solar System? Follow our #Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer on its incredible odyssey to explore the habitability potential of its large ocean-bearing moons! Launching 2022 🚀#Savethedate #ScienceAtESA #Space19plus 🎥 youtube.com/watch?v=KGkW__…

Twitter Web Client : In Göttingen? Night of Science on 26 January 2019, from 17:00 to 24:00. At the Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung (MPS) there will be various events. Visit our stand Expedition zu den Gasriesen. #ndwgoe

iPhone : Ich wünsche euch einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! / I wish you a very happy new year! /Les envío a todos mis mejores deseos por un buen año 2019!