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Android : #WhyIMarch

ہم کیوں مارچ کرتے ہیں؟


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Android : listen to your sadness. pay attention to what its trying to say instead of blocking its voice or ignoring its advances. you don’t have to give it permanence, only time, patience, and ears. once it’s told you what it has to say, escort it out gently to make room for happiness.

Android : it's been a while. but every now and then it's still the same person i think of when i come across an emotionally intimate scene. still the same person. kya yaar.

Android : Could kind people help us to achieve 5000 followers? We are a small NGO desperately trying to save the lives of the most abused, sick or injured street animals in Lahore but we need more support. Please help us to spread the word about our work as these animals need your help 🙏🏻

Android : I don't want to compete with anyone anymore. I just want my life to find a pattern that fits me best. But I'm so scared. Everything is moving so damn fast. I feel like I'm always behind. Never enough. Never where I should be. Always, always second guessing myself.

Android : Urgent food appeal. Our cats will go hungry as we are facing a food shortage and desperately help. Please help by buying NutraGold food bags or by donating for one. The cost of 1 bag is £13 and our PayPal is twsociety.pk@gmail.com. Please because of the cold they are eating more

Android : i love seeing love. love. o love. in the slightest of gestures; touches to the face, warming up cold hands, giving you the last squeeze of lemon on the khao suey. in gently inching closer, kisses grazing the neck. in body warmth, familiar smells. wanting each other happy. love.