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Android : guys, a situation presented itself where previously all i would have cared about was making my ex comfortable and doing what she wanted, but i stood my ground and did what felt right to me. that is tremendous progress, like you guys don't even know, i'm shook at myself.

Android : We rescue the abused, injured and sick from the streets in a country with no RSPCA or government funding. We rely solely on donations and the support of kind persons all over the world. Please follow us, we promise you will get to see some amazing healing journeys #rescueanimals

Android : I have REALLY high standards now so it’s hard for me to get into a serious relationship with someone because it’s hard for my heart to actually want a person 🀑

Android : i know i'm making progress cause i've stopped giving a shit about what she thinks of me anymore, i'm a good person and not what she has painted me out to be, and i will learn to completely accept and love myself for who i am.

Android : i have this psychopathic tendency to lovingly watch people i love as they sleep right next to me.
it. feels. so. calming.