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Android : I got news for YOU, "Dave."

There's not a single person in America with a FUNCTIONING brain who is proud of what trump is doing.

His criminal, treasonous actions have humiliated himself AND America on the world stage.

Get YOUR Kleenex ready for 2020.

Android : Donald J. Trump If being fraudulent is your measuring stick for winning and losing, the GOP is going to lose a catastrophic number of seats in BOTH the House and the Senate.

On top of your 12,000+ lies, you've conducted business from the WH like a common criminal.


Android : “Rudy has become the Wile E. Coyote of this scandal. Rudy’s out there running off of cliffs, smacking into road signs and watching his own schemes just blow up on him to defend trump.”

And Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are the ACME bombs. Beep beep.

Android : Here we go again.

#AtatianaJefferson, a 28-year-old Black woman was shot dead by cops inside her OWN HOME.

They gave her 1 second to show her hands before shooting her through the window.


Android : In a pantheon full of outrageous statements by the Liar-in-Chief, there is perhaps nothing more outrageous than his declaration of world peace after abandoning our allies to certain slaughter. #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies

Android : In the past few weeks, trump has tweeted well over 400 times.

Not about Healthcare, infrastructure, or protecting 2020 election from Russian interference.

He's been lying up a storm, trying to blame everyone but HIMSELF for his Ukraine extortion. It ain't working.

He's toast.

Android : Drop the sanctimonious victim act, Marco Rubio. "Straight marriages" aren't an endangered species, unless you count the number of husbands who cheat on their pregnant 3rd wives with porn stars.

I hope all of your LGBT constituents are taking notice, Lil' Marco.😤…

Android : 🚨BE ALERT:🚨

Bots are busy trying to sow discord and seed disinformation amongst us like they did in 2016.


If you see people trying to tear us apart, block them. Let others know. We CANNOT repeat 2016.

Stay frosty, Tweeps.

Android : Aaron Judge gets all the glory, but Gleyber Torres seems to be pretty good at baseball.

5-0 Yankees.

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Android : Elizabeth Warren I don't know if any of us, individually, have the kind of clout or juice to send a message to Facebook.

But together? If enough of us decide to #CancelFacebook and get our family and friends to stop using it, their clicks will decrease.

They MUST be held accountable.

Android : With great power comes great responsibility.

With 2 BILLION users, Facebook has a lot of power.

They are, once again, allowing their power to be used to spread LIES to their users.

How do we hold them accountable?
I don't know. But I sure as hell don't use FB. #CancelFacebook…