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Twitter for iPad : Michael OGrady I’d love to know what was said in the meeting just before this picture was taken. Trump looked as if Putin had handed him his ass on a plate. He wasn’t very happy. #PutinsPuppet

Twitter for iPad : THE NEW LIE

White House Legal Memo on Withholding of Aid

Trump administration withheld congressionally-approved military aid to #Ukraine in order to β€œengage in a policy process” of studying whether the dispersal of funds complied with U.S. policy.


Twitter for iPad : I will say again: Be Best is major bullshit twitter.com/mog7546/status…

Twitter for iPad : Michael OGrady Trump needs hard consequences to make him realize our country is not his solely owned private business. Years in and he still doesn’t get it.

Twitter for iPad : Good God, are they all inbred or just ignorant?
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