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Twitter Web App : This got me, from Ida Bae Wells on The Daily podcast: "...the way that race has always worked in this country: we have never disentangled race from resources, and we've never shown that we believe that black kids are deserving of the same resources as white kids."

Twitter Web Client : me: do you want to get pizza for lunch
friend: totally
me: cool let's g–
friend: you don't know what that's from?
me, confused: what?
friend: ugh, season 5 episode 2 of blah blah blah! i thought you watched that show!

Twitter Web Client : Nielsen Norman Group In our enterprise software, nearly every field is required, and users are motivated to fill them out because it's part of their job. Rather than mark every question of these long forms with asterisks or "(required)", we simply label the few optional fields as "(optional)".

Android : Mother. Of. Dragons.

What a shot. #GameOfThrones

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Twitter Web App : Hi #generateconf friends! We’re still looking for folks to take the 2019 #DesignSystem Survey. If you have a few moments, I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts:

Twitter Web App : This whole thread 💯 As a User Experience designer, I wholeheartedly support this.…

Android : A six-step login process to download a mental health app is definitely a barrier for low technology users who have trouble even opening an email attachment! 😮 #HXD2019

Android : Jenka (🛬ATX 7/15 - 7/19) I related to your talk as a designer for a dialysis EHR where the persuasive design model makes no sense. We want to empower clinicians and make them feel competent and efficient. Our internal solution doesnt concern itself with growth and adoption #HXD2019

Android : If we build an app for the Health & Fitness category, we work in Health, if it's not in that category, we think we don't have any effect on health, but that's not true. #HXD2019

Android : Health begins with home. Yet design and development practices for affordable housing do not incorporate deliberate healthy living environment design/build strategies for those who need it most #hxd2019