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iPhone : Hey so I made Chinese beef rolls, but with soy-sauce-braised beef tongue, which resulted in the best name:

Rolls of The Tongue

iPhone : Alex This is actually much larger and heavier than Playdate, and it uses a tiny fraction of the power needed to run a computer with a screen 🙂 Crank flashlights typically require lots and lots of cranking for a bit of weak light.

iPhone : Amazon Prime Video recommendation categories: Because You Watched ‘Jaws’ 🤖

Netflix: Binge It in One Weekend 🍬🍬🍬

HBO Now: Uh, Drama? 🥴

Kanopy: Pauline Kael at 100 😍

iPhone : Eric If you have specific requests—cuisine, location, etc.—let me know. I’m happy to make recommendations!

iPhone : you’ve been twirling three crystal balls in one hand wrong your whole life

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iPhone : I am working on a project with the most satisfying abbreviation: TBD. Everything about it is TBD! (Except I think I just finished the first beta version! Yay!)

iPhone : Steffan Glynn I think ours was a knob on the left side of the device, with the spring inside the body. It would slide up and down the side, and report its position. Could be used as a precise “level” control. But one novel input turned out to be lots of work already 😅

Twitter Web App : Les Pozdena Apple seems to have this hangup where they mostly back "reputable" initiatives, which to them perhaps means "cool, established brands," like the Red Cross and Product Red. "Pride" is another one. As dumb as it sounds, the housing crisis may need a visible, unified "brand."