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iPhone : Well these are looking and handling beautifully. Good to get an easy win after the teff disaster earlier 😸 Off to the fridge with them; we’ll see how the pizzas turn out tomorrow…

iPhone : eva wood There’s a guy in our hood with a tree of Italian plums. I once picked one (Olive narced me not to) and the guy went “eh, feel free, they’re no good for eating.” But the one I had was delicious. So I figured he was being passo-agro… but nope. They’re all just rotting away.

iPhone : Ok, I mixed another four pies’ worth and threw in a manchego bread loaf while I’m at it. (Bread nerd stats 📊 : these are Shepherd’s Grain high-gluten flour, 10% Bob’s whole wheat, 5% rye starter, 67/75% hydration; mix for 10, 3-hour rise with folds, 2-5 days in the fridge.)

iPhone : So injera pizza won’t happen today. Maybe some other day! I dutifully fed my starter to make more (traditional sourdough) dough for tomorrow, so I can use up today’s toppings.

And the Mrgans had lunch out.

iPhone : So then Christa got the kids ready to go out while I boxed all the ingredients (like 15 boxes, lol). I threw away the “dough”; in retrospect, I should’ve waffled it! I’ve had great success with injera waffles before 😸

iPhone : It was loose, shapeless, fall-apart batter. It smelled great, but it had no stretch. The teff-fed bacteria beat the yeast bacteria quite thoroughly.

Err, sorry, lunch is off!

iPhone : I preheated my baking steel in the oven for an hour while Christa Mrgan set the table etc. Lunch in 15, kids!

Then I grabbed the first ball of dough. And… oh no.

iPhone : This morning, I popped the dough balls out of the fridge and prepped the toppings. Check out that mise en place!

iPhone : Now, to plan the toppings! I didn’t want to be too literal about adapting Ethiopian dishes, so I just focused on what I thought would go well with a funky, sour crust (and what we had in the fridge…)

iPhone : So, I mixed a batch of my regular sourdough pizza dough, but with 10% teff flour. I figured the yeast fermentation would bring along some bacteria to feed on the teff as well. I popped it in the fridge for five days as usual. So far, so good…