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Bio Im a reporter for the Houston Chronicle and a former Army officer who fought in the Gulf War. Tweets are just my ramblings. .
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iPhone : A lot of people don’t realize the #Army had more troops fighting in the Pacific Theatre in WWII than the #Marines.

Those who don’t know history say the Army fought in Europe while the Marines fought in the Pacific.

The Army fought everywhere.

Twitter Web App : Tom Nichols Why didn't somebody think of that before!?!? It's so easy to take care of. "Boom" Electoral college is changed.

Twitter Web App : Warax, Prince of Hippos. 🦛💨 I dont recall anyone in Iraq targeting schools and supermarkets in Iraq with arty. I think that would have made the news.

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Twitter Web App : Warax, Prince of Hippos. 🦛💨 The Army has one as well - same goes for the other services, I assume. Still, I think a case could be made that would allow its use in a non-commercial, explicitly political scenario. (But, as I said earlier, he's got a hell of a lot more things to worry about than this.)

Twitter Web App : A guy I went through the Special Forces Q course with was killed last weekend.
Dude was a hero. Every retweet I’ll donate a dollor. More importantly please help out.


Twitter Web App : Wow! This #FaceAPP thing is amazing!

Count me as a believer!