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iPhone : Previous deals negotiated by Boris Johnson include:

- £50 million for a non-existent bridge.
- £300 million for a fleet of buses that doubled as saunas.
- A stadium conversion which cost taxpayers £20 million a year.
- Three unused water cannon which had to be sold for scrap.

iPhone : One of the strengths of Peoples Vote UK is that the majority of us put the cause before tribal party politics. Let’s keep it that way working together to win that confirmatory referendum. Join us this Saturday Oct 19 noon Park Lane London #finalsay #LetUsBeHeard

iPhone : ☘️🇨🇾Jack Monroe Hey. You’re safe & loved. Also, Sheffield is built on seven hills, just like Rome. And the posh bits were built upwind of the factories the people living in the posh bits made their money from. Think about that for a minute. Xx

iPhone : I think the headbangers will claim to support *any* ‘deal’ now. Even one demonstrably inferior to May’s & immeasurably worse than EU membership. It’s not complicated or nuanced or even particularly political any more. It’s just the only alternative to admitting their mistake.

iPhone : James OBrien your interview with Michael Morpurgo was so beautiful, he is one of the most inspiring people I have ever listened to. The end of the episode brought me to tears. We all need to be more like him.

iPhone : For the love of Christ!!!!

Daniel Kawczynski has a track record of being wrong (I'm being polite) or using misleading "facts"(again I'm being very kind).


Producers, bookers and interviewers - please stop it! twitter.com/BBCRealityChec…

iPhone : Gareth Southgate never shies from the difficult stuff. On England’s black players: “Sadly, because of their experiences in our own country, they are hardened to racism. I don’t know what that says about our society but that’s the reality.” theguardian.com/football/2019/…

iPhone : This remains the case today, as it did three years ago. I understand people's desperation for a deal. But every variety of this thing makes us poorer, weaker and less open. twitter.com/MatthewdAncona…

iPhone : The caller repeatedly accused John Bercow of "treason" and a "corrupt group of Remainers" of trying to stop Brexit. She then hung up.

James OBrien | #Brexit

iPhone : If a deal is close tonight, that means UK moving ever closer to the Feb 2018 EU “NI only backstop” ... no wonder DUP MPs looking anxious around Westminster this pm.

iPhone : It takes special chutzpah for the Express to publish this turns out they were right piece today, while the piece they published on the day Major and Blair issued their warning in 2016 is still up on their website. ~AA

iPhone : Here's a 100 year old WW2 veteran saying that Brexit makes him want to cry, nullifying the sacrifice of his comrades in bringing Europe together in peace after 1000 years of conflict. #StopBrexit twitter.com/CPFlo/status/1…