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Twitter Web Client : Can we all start viewing Catherine Keener as we do Meryl Streep? Keener is a national treasure with such depth in EVERY performance. She is my favorite actress for this reason.

iPhone : Here’s to all the fathers who make Father’s Day mean something a little more AS a father because they never really had a reason to celebrate it during childhood.

Twitter Web Client : RT if your wife is Drunk Pam when she drinks

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Twitter Web Client : RT if your wife is Drunk Pam when she drinks

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Twitter Web Client : Okay, so Cortland sophomores (and people who know THE Zach Michales), tell me this is NOT Zach (who I miss dearly). Go ahead, I won't believe you. It's him, isn't it? (someone tag him if he's on Twitter pls). twitter.com/bassharvey03/s…

Twitter Web Client : Doing a lot of reflecting lately on where we're "at" in education right now. We have a lot of work to do (not shirking my own place here), but I know this: we need to put students firmly IN the driver's seat for their own education. More ownership. More self-directed learning.

Twitter Web Client : Most valuable "thanks & farewell" gift/gesture from seniors on the final day? A handshake and a grin/nod. It's that simple. Means the most. It's a gesture that simply communicates "it's been real, man, and I wish you all the best" on both sides.

Twitter Web Client : kbport714 It is. I love the movie almost as much. Watched it this past week with my seniors. Eddie Vedder's soundtrack pierces my heart & moves me to tears at times. I am certain McCandless was by Vedder's side when he wrote the music.

Twitter Web Client : Christopher McCandless crept into my soul when I first read Jon Krakauer's INTO THE WILD a couple decades ago. Part of his spirit has stayed inside me ever since, and it will never leave.

iPhone : I know it’s petty, but the main reason I’m happy the Blues won the Cup is because that buffoon from Barstool is a Boston fan.