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Twitter Web App : It never gets mentioned but one thing that Trump White House did early on that has had major ripple effects was to get rid of the visitor logs. We would know right away how many times Rudy was in the building or, for that matter, if Parnas and Fruman ever stopped by.

Twitter Web App : This is not a partisan issue. Freedom of the press is enshrined in the first amendment of the constitution. It is one of the founding principals of the USA. We are undoing the very fabric of who we are, what this country is.

Android : And he will continue to commit further atrocities unless and until he is stopped.…

Android : Seriously, what the hell do you mean by "secularists," dude? You mean people who believe in separation of church and state? People who don't want to live in a theocracy? People who believe in the Constitution, those people? Just what even is going on in this guy's brain???…

Android : Your Mandate Of Heaven Is Revoked Biggest problem is the inconvenience of the voting process in most states. Should be as we've done in Oregon for decades: paper ballots & voting pamphlets sent out a month early, you can then mail in or drop off your ballot all the way up till voting day, plus it's trackable.

Twitter Web App : ProPublica Wow, Trump must be really poor cause his taxes have been audited for years and years.

Android : The Washington Post The GOP is an organized crime syndicate disguised as a political party. They know no borders, have no allegiance to country or the American people. It's ridiculous to view them as anything else. They are just criminals in suits and the American people need to wake up.