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Instagram : Tough old game. Pleasure to play against the Tigers lads 🐯…

iPhone : Is it okay to think that Farrells hit was clean and a good hit, but at the same time think that the SA video is hilarious?!

iPhone : Peter Playford Yeah if only we had the resources for such a system! Agree we as players must help in growing the game, but I don’t think having our country’s best player spending 20% of his time promoting the game is the best use of our resources either.

iPhone : Peter Playford It’s obviously a tight balance, and I also feel uneasy about getting paid for school visits etc, but it’s a reality of pro sport. However I think an incentive based system will get a better response then mandatory obligations.

iPhone : Peter Playford Cricket Australia have a system where players are paid as the ‘cricketer’ and then paid separately for each marketing activity, using a points & index system. End of year accumulated points translates to remuneration, this incentivising players to grow the game. Idea?

iPhone : Peter Playford Lots of contracts are already structured in a similar way, except it’s a little loose on minimum requirements. Clear on maximums though. However the new Gov’t budget has clamped down on split contract payments (playing/marketing) meaning your idea is almost impossible

iPhone : Peter Playford Georgina Robinson Incentives to earn more, or mandatory obligations for his agreed salary? As you know, the CBA includes promotional activities as apart of athletes job description or “obligation” (for want of a better word). Is that not enough?

Twitter Lite : Greg Bateman Real outdoorsy men don’t measure things in metres Greg.... Also a ‘please’ wouldn’t hurt. Manners are free after all...

Twitter Lite : Thanks to all the fans supporting Rob Horne this weekend. Well done to the competition winners, each have been contacted! Now #COYT #tigersfamily 🐯 Leicester Tigers