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Twitter Web App : Note that the previous poll was conducted right after the first debate, when Kamala got heralded as the Biden-killing superstar. She's -12% since and Biden has fully recovered. It was the equivalent of a media-induced sugar high

Twitter Web App : !! New CNN national poll has Tulsi at 2% which counts toward the debates. She needs two more polls by August 28

Twitter Web App : Met a random guy in New Jersey yesterday wearing a Steve Bullock t-shirt. Very likely the only guy in New Jersey with a Steve Bullock t-shirt. In that sense, I was impressed

Twitter Web App : AprilDRyan Here's the full thread on the incident. It's pathetic that April Ryan hasn't been made to respond to this yet twitter.com/Charlie4Change…

Twitter Web App : Vapid CNN journo-celebrity AprilDRyan loves to fulminate about how press freedoms are under attack, then turns around and directs her "security guard" to violently eject a local journalist covering a public speech. Ryan's guard now charged with assault nj.com/middlesex/2019…

Twitter Web App : In the 2016 primaries there were constant wrathful fights between Hillary and Bernie supporters on Twitter. In this cycle, there aren't even any Biden supporters on Twitter to fight with... yet he leads every poll

Twitter Web App : Tom Steyer now ahead of Kamala and Pete in the early state tracker πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Twitter Web App : For people asking why Tulsi is not on the chart: she's abroad and could not respond to the questionnaire (assuming she would've responded to Nate Silver's blog)

Twitter Web App : Yang apparently supports efforts to depose Maduro and wont commit to withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. I guess people need to start asking him questions beyond the $1,000/month thing fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-2…

Twitter Web App : Instead of obsessing about Tlaib and Omar, imagine if other members of Congress were bombarded with questions about why they show no interest in investigating how US taxpayer dollars are being used to fund this indefensible foreign occupation twitter.com/PeterBeinart/s…

Twitter Web App : I went to a town hall for Rep. Sherrill (D-NJ) tonight. In response to a question about dark money, she said, "There is something wrong when we don't know who's funding our election system." Someone yelled "RUSSIA!" The crowd hooted in approval. Your occasional brain rot update

Twitter Web App : Not the worst thing in the world and I have no doubt that Bernie will continue his wider media critique, but it would be nice if people even had the pretense of maintaining universally-applicable standards for such things

Twitter Web App : Sorry, if another campaign invited the media to engage in a group recreation/social event, the scorn would be raining down. Im old enough to remember the McCain press corps BBQ in 2008. Dont pretend that Left Twitter wouldnt be freaking out if Kamala threw a softball party

Twitter Web App : It's a little weird that the Sanders campaign just spent several weeks advancing a (legitimate) critique of the corporate media, only to then invite those same corporate media members to participate in a friendly softball game with the campaign...?

Twitter Web App : Sorry but isn't a friendly game of softball with the traveling press corps the kind of thing that left/media Twitter would explode into rage about (for good reason) if the campaign in question were, say, Joe Biden -- or god forbid, Trump? twitter.com/politico/statu…

Twitter Web App : Susan Sarandon has always had more principle and conviction in her pinky finger than all the online scolds constantly obsessing about her combined

Twitter Web App : Whenever pundits issue proclamations about candidate "electability," please just remember they spent the entire 2015-2016 cycle confidently declaring that there was no way in hell Donald Trump could ever be "electable"

Twitter Web App : Mark Halperin had two years to reflect on how his career imploded and chart a bold new course, and his big idea for a comeback was to interview a bunch of operatives about Trump