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Twitter Web Client : Angered by Trump’s charge that it feigns independence while acting as a unified, coordinated attack machine, the press responds with a coordinated, unified attack on Trump. Smart. twitter.com/brianstelter/s…

Twitter Web Client : Democrats cannot hide behind a false consensus on Israel anymore when candidates are being elected to Congress openly saying things like this. Severe intra-party turmoil will be the result, and it's long overdue twitter.com/IlhanMN/status…

iPhone : Over $270,000 in the Peter Strozk GoFundMe after approximately 24 hours. Great to see the internet allocating dispensation of societal resources so efficiently

Twitter Web Client : It's wonderful that a handful of private tech officials can arbitrarily banish anyone they want from the internet. Precedents enshrining this principle should definitely be cheered without reservation twitter.com/telesurenglish…

Twitter Web Client : Peter Strzok, who is virtually guaranteed lucrative private sector employment the moment he looks for it, has raised over $150,000 in 12 hours. Online crowdfunding is a great resource but it also enables the most ridiculous grift

Twitter Web Client : Perpetually skyrocketing defense spending is never going to be compatible with sustained conflict-reduction, no matter how circumspect the commander-in-chief claims to be. As Madeleine Albright once asked: "What's the point of having this superb military... if we can't use it?"

Twitter Web Client : Because the important thing is that he snubbed McCain, not that the Congress once again passed by overwhelming bipartisan majorities a gargantuan spending bill that exceeded even Trumps initial budget request

Twitter Web Client : These are the rules for online engagement that I've tried to self-impose: Strive to accurately characterize opposing views, resist the temptation to smugly dismiss, and attempt to respond to criticisms in good faith even when the criticizer may appear to be operating in bad faith

Twitter Web Client : Maybe this is strange as a non-Briton but there are few things I've found more viscerally enraging lately than the Corbyn "anti-semitism" smear campaign. It's so grotesque on every level that I almost have a hard time containing my disgust