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Android : No matter how complicated life gets, stay in your own lane. Don’t get involved in other people’s lives or their drama. They will try to get you on board & make you take sides. Don’t. Let’s face it, life’s complicated enough. Focus and mind your own business. It’s less stressful!

Android : It’s alright to disagree with someone. You don’t have to engage in an argument or get nasty about it. Politely decline to waste time arguing. You’re entitled to your opinion, just like the other person. Remember, the wise would always hold their tongue and keep the peace.

Android : Quit worrying about the problematic people in your life. The troublesome ones, the petty ones who are trying to hold you back & create unease. Let the Almighty take care of them. He knows how to move the wrong people out of your life and bring the right people in. Trust Him!

Android : Discipline your mind to focus on what truly matters. Let’s face it; there’s so much clutter in our minds because we all suffer from information overload. Focus on the issues and people who matter. Let go of things which are of no consequence. You’ll enrich your life that way!

Android : Almighty. Give us a steadfast faith & complete trust in You in this uncertain world; knowing that You’ll protect us, come what may. Guard us from temptation & those who’d try to make us compromise our convictions. Let us not attach our hearts to this temporary world. Aameen.

Android : If there are people in your life who treat you poorly and try to make you feel like you are less than enough, or that you need to prove your worth in some way, keep your distance from them. Spend time instead with people who lift you up. Keep your heart attached to your Maker.

Android : Pray for those who hide their sufferings from the rest of the world. They always have a smile for you & you end up thinking they’re completely fine. These are the ones who spend their nights crying out to their Lord, begging for His Mercy and relief from their trials. Respect!

Android : Whatever others may have done to you, don’t let their actions turn you cold on the inside. More importantly, don’t let it make you unkind. Seek comfort and solace in the Almighty. Cry your heart out, be sad but get up again. Learn from the experience but don’t become bitter!

Android : Beware the one who dilutes his faith just to appease the masses. You may think you’re getting away with it but remember, the Almighty is All-Knowing. There’s no such thing as going with the flow in matters of faith. Make the Almighty your priority. You will be truly prosperous!

Android : There’s good in every hardship. Recognise the signs. The days you were broke because you lost your job, the days you grieved because you lost a loved one, the days you wanted to give it all up was the time you found something priceless. You found your strength in the Almighty!

Android : If you’re feeling stuck and down in the dumps often, ask yourself, are you focusing on disappointments? Becaus if you are, you won’t be able to move forward. You’ll feel a heavy load on your back. Let go of whatever it is that’s holding you back. Forgive and move on.

Android : Giving is good. It gives you a sense of purpose. But there are those who will squeeze every drop of goodness from you. That’s where you need to draw the line. Selfless giving can become overwhelming. It’s good to give more than you receive but keep your own interests in sight!

Android : We had no say when we came into this world & we have no say when we’ll leave this earth. Yet, we behave as if we know it all. We trudge the earth arrogantly without sparing a thought for others! Humble yourself. If you don’t, the Almighty will surely send some lessons your way!

Android : There are people who enjoy putting others down. It’s a cruel way of making someone else seem less important than you. Avoid reacting immediately & don’t retaliate. Deal with it in your own time. You could also ignore it because silence can be the best weapon at times!

Android : Social media is making us anti-social. We’ve become so engrossed in technology & mostly our smartphones, that at times we become quite oblivious to our surroundings. If you feel you’re not being social enough, get off your devices, turn off your phone. Give it a try today!

Android : Don’t use your children as pawns in your divorce. Many do it & the children suffer in the end. Communicate with the ex, set guidelines on child maintenance. Make sure you stop to consider how your actions are going to affect your children before you engage in them. Have a heart!

Android : Do you trust your Creator? As in fully trust the Almighty to turn your life around? Some people always feel anxious, wondering what's ahead of them. They panic. They forget who’s in control of their lives. He wants you to keep your mind focused on Him. He will see you through it.

Android : Don’t think that bad things happen only to you. They happen to everyone. Every single day. The difference lies in how you deal with any given situation. Your attitude counts. If you choose to see things in a positive light, then you’ll rise above it and overcome it eventually.

Android : When people misunderstand & reject you, don’t feel miserable. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. It’s part of the Almighty’s plan to make you realize that you shouldn’t rely on His Creation but only on the One who created you. People will let you down but He will lift you!

Android : Don’t make the mistake of telling someone too much about yourself. Over sharing is bad. It can invite negative energy from those who don’t want good for you. They will use the information in a way that can be detrimental to you. Share selectively only with those who truly care.