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Android : Remember when Tyra dragged the tabloids and anyone who body shamed women on her show and told them all to kiss her fat ass? An iconic, empowering moment.

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Android : fruit flies when i leave bananas out on the counter

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Android : This is Britney Spears singing live.

This is an event that happens once in a blue moon and you are lucky enough to witness it.

Rt for good luck or you will receive bad news tomorrow.

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Android : Nothing like your kid pooping in the bathtub, then getting on twitter to see your childhood best friend tweeting about "willies" #whatislifeanymore

Android : if i say iโ€™m โ€œrunning errandsโ€ it means iโ€™m doing like one important thing and then iโ€™m getting coffee and going to target

Android : With every 1-millimeter increase in a frog's body size, the frog becomes 2.8 percent more likely to eat other frogs.

Android : I put out, he always has clean clothes for work and I'm not obese... I mean that pretty much makes me house wife of the year right?