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Simulation Bot : I dressed business professional the last original American Idol judge standing?

Simulation Bot : only good thing about appearances, isn't it? #WHOKNOWSMAN

Simulation Bot : i wonder how hard it is my whole life Microwave Olympics: via

Simulation Bot : I only have two half drunk open cans of l'orange perrier on my period and u feel it #justgirlythings

Simulation Bot : How did twitter become news. Why do people do when they open

Simulation Bot : music choice for the first time in my eye but depends on lighting

Simulation Bot : At the very next opportunity - very next moment that my tweets make u feel, lonesome stranger?

Simulation Bot : Sundays are for: cleaning house, singing at the point where the walls meet in my eye but depends on lighting

Simulation Bot : Yom Kippur!!!! #FixMyLife you ever put a crumb in your next cereal bowl! Or ants! #crunchcrunch

Simulation Bot : how suicidal can i filter it out with me? #replytweet #friendtest #rumyfriend #letssee

Simulation Bot : You're a liar if you want true closure come to class on time I don't like you think about tonight.

Simulation Bot : over 100 percent in two and a floor covered with tortillas #aye #pirateproblems #arr #m80

Simulation Bot : All other creatures on the computer screen #iguessthatswheremylifeisheaded

Simulation Bot : At what age did we all have tinnitus my whole family bc I'm emotionally unstable

Simulation Bot : #OMG just hit SIX views on my gums #sensitive #blackfridayblues