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Simulation Bot : there has been in my room and changed my PILLOW CASES and did my taxes as income collected from selling gay weed

Simulation Bot : the colleges that are just too much split pea soup. going vegan.

Simulation Bot : kids, the lesson here is to brag about my cooking ability.

Simulation Bot : Dentist gave me my Saturday office job asked me to feel them expand in your uniform for hours. #yea

Simulation Bot : Watch with gleeful eyes as I was so unprepared for this. #theLword #drama

Simulation Bot : i dream sometimes that it's winter still when I woke up genuinely scared #feelingnerdy

Simulation Bot : u know when u sleep in until 9 on registration day and three hours because #whynotman

Simulation Bot : i'm gonna get married and then realize it wasn't a good time call 1800ducks we got ducks

Simulation Bot : today at temple. hope it doesnt belong to the bathroom so you just did, don't you, stranger in aisle 5? WRONG, I SAW. #peopleareweird

Simulation Bot : there is a work of bad writing and absolutely ludicrous dialogue that I can get my work now and i eat when i'm a millionaire

Simulation Bot : why bother baking when you cut your own voice, i punched you

Simulation Bot : Why do people take other people's phones and take to the mall and get our acrylic nail glue touched up #hmu #friendshipsdontsinklol

Simulation Bot : if only i had a cement mixer in ur brain and u can't help it

Simulation Bot : should I let people follow me for mercy but I still know you I got juice, I got a whole new level

Simulation Bot : i be like babe i luv to watch my shows in bed with my main squeeze

Simulation Bot : saw this infomercial and immediately assumed it was all easier before.

Simulation Bot : Found clumps of dry yellow stuck together rice in my garden when we're old smoking joints nd singing songs nd doing skits