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iPhone : The most devastating part of this video isnt the sight of a 62-year-old Kashmiri man weeping.

It is that he is compelled to thank the Indian occupation regime for granting him a one-minute conversation with his son.

This humiliation is unbearable!

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iPhone : Last week I heard my friend telling me about how a foodpanda delivery dude refused to deliver her order because he was getting paid barely anything to do this job and would get constantly get harrassed by the organization as well as people who he delivered food to.

iPhone : like bro i KNOW ure not interested in your 9th house placements

iPhone : every time a man pretends to be interested in some of my more Tumblr Girl interests (astrology, make up, feminism etc), alarm bells start sounding in my head twitter.com/atiyaabbas_/st…

iPhone : they literally copy it word for word and think you won’t catch on 😭 like hussain sweetie the last thing you read was the alchemist do you think i believe that this is something you came up with by yourself

iPhone : this exact quote is the go-to for a horrific number of men twitter.com/atiyaabbas_/st…

iPhone : just got my a level security deposit feeling like i’ve finally been compensated for the emotional trauma this school has inflicted upon me

iPhone : Zoya Rehman all men of all signs < all women of all signs

but nah fr libra men are on another level of flaky and inconsiderate and pretentious