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iPhone : I get a variety of *interesting* responses when someone asks me what I do and I say that I’m a professor of African literature.
One American member of the public said to me,
“You teach African literature? That must be a short course.”
That’s a verbatim quote.

iPhone : when i say my gf is my favorite i mean she’s my favorite person, my favorite place, my favorite thought, my favorite sight, my favorite feeling, my favorite color. she’s my favorite thing in the whole universe

iPhone : Being an adult is great, because you get to do whatever you want. Unfortunately, what you mostly want to do is zone out while you watch the same show you've seen for the 30th time because you are so fucking tired all the time.

iPhone : hey this is the woman who wrote the “bernie sanders is an antisemite” piece. the chetniks, of which she’s proud her grandpa was a member, we’re serbian nationalist partisans who collaborated with the nazis and regularly turned jews over to them during the holocaust. very cool. twitter.com/tianathefirst/…

iPhone : this is every single conversation i have w people from here twitter.com/wingsforus/sta…

iPhone : Roman Senate: *allows Julius Caesar & Pompey to accumulate power & weaken republican norms despite warnings from men like Cicero*

Caesar & Pompey: *kickstart a civil war with huge
economics losses that results in Caesar declaring himself as the dictator for life*

Roman Senate: twitter.com/nahoosat/statu…

iPhone : What antifascism looks like in 2019: doctors being arrested for trying to vaccinate children being held in a concentration camp to prevent more of them from dying. wmcactionnews5.com/2019/12/11/doc…