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Android : Media rep: Sorry, they're not available

Me: That's okay. Can I speak to them tomorrow?

Media rep: Actually, they're on vacation.

Me: Cool. Can I talk to them next week?

Media rep: Actually, they're dead. Forever. You can never talk to them. Here's a press release

Twitter Web App : "Mr. President, what does Sarah Palin think about the U.S. buying Greenland?"

Twitter Web App : Sometimes if I can see Andrew walking Larry I do my whistle and he gets so excited to come home..

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Twitter Web App : The World got into difficulties in 2009 because of the financial crisis, and later reportedly started sinking into the sea (reports that were denied). That's so close to the real world I'm not even sure it's a metaphor anymore

Twitter Web App : TIL there's a group of artificial islands off the coast of Dubai that are designed to look look like a miniature of the world 😳…

Twitter Web App : Kavitha Rao I used to cycle while living in Amsterdam (as you're wont to do) and it was amazing to me that bikes had the right of way. Cars would stop to let me pass. Nowhere else has felt as good for cycling

Twitter Web App : Horrified to realise that European bank stocks have formed an elephants declining in size technical formation. A global recession/pandemic beckons.

Twitter Web App : Really bad idea to read this list halfway between lunch and dinner (unless I can get my hands on something yummy right now)😋…

Twitter Web App : Sid Verma This is a great lead. "I get paid to write words for a living, and I am nearly at a loss for words about WeWork Cos."…