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Twitter Web App : Just a reminder that there are Jewish media outlets out there that don't hire or feature writers/speakers who go on neo-Nazi radio shows to incite against Muslims, nor those who use digital blackface in order to defame Jewish WOC, and today is a good day to support them

Twitter Web App : Interesting thread on lack of accountability and transparency on the part of ICE and The Wyatt:…

Twitter Web App : These men’s testimony of the terrible conditions and mistreatment they experienced within The Wyatt is further evidence of why we need to #ShutDownWyatt and #ShutDownICE…

Twitter Web App : Nothing has changed with regard to what’s happening inside the Wyatt, or in ICE detention centers and prisons across the country.

Twitter Web App : I’m really glad Thomas Woodward, CO who drove his truck thru the Wyatt protest on Wednesday, resigned, but it’s not enough - his actions are indicative of the broader violence of the Wyatt and of prisons + detention centers as a whole

Twitter Web App : While the Wyatt is on your mind, can I briefly talk about Hiu Lui Ng? Sometimes he was called Jason. He was an immigrant from Hong Kong, and had been trying to get his green card for years. ICE captured him in his last interview for his green card.

Twitter Web App : Mad about what happened at The Wyatt yesterday, and what’s happening there in general? Call + tweet Kemper Museum and tell their board members to end their complicity in ICE’s human rights abuses!…

Twitter Web App : We’re glad the state is opening an investigation into this.

But they can’t stop there. We’re calling on the Rhode Island AG and Governor to open an investigation into the human rights abuses inside the prison. It’s why we were there in the first place.…

Twitter Web App : The man who tried to run us over is Captain Thomas Woodworth, a CO at The Wyatt. The people who pepper sprayed us were also COs. If this is how they’re treating non-incarcerated mostly white mostly citizens, how are they treating people on the inside? #ShutDownICE #ShutDownWyatt…

Twitter Web App : ✡️ Never Again Action ✡️ AMOR RI A car tried to run through peaceful protestors. Two people got hit. Then, the Wyatt COs pepper sprayed the rest of the crowd. This is unacceptable. Honestly, I’m shaking - I almost got run over and had to push someone else out of the way so they wouldn’t. What the fuck.

Twitter Web App : ✡️ Never Again Action ✡️ AMOR RI We will not allow ICE business to continue as usual! Now we are blocking staff parking lots - If immigrants in detention can’t go home to their families, neither can people who aid and abet ICE. #JewsAgainstICE

Twitter Web App : ✡️ Never Again Action ✡️ AMOR RI Never again protesters are attempting to deliver letter with our demands to the warden of the Wyatt. We demand transparency! We demand improved conditions! And we demand an end to the ICE contract! #AbolishICE

Twitter Web App : ✡️ Never Again Action ✡️ AMOR RI We are here demanding that The Wyatt allow clergy, doctors, and community groups in to meet with folks being held in immigration detention. Currently there’s no transparency around what services folks in imm detention at Wyatt have access to.

Twitter Web App : hey San Diego Police Department why did your officers repeatedly kick a man in the stomach for “resisting” when he was already lying on the ground handcuffed?????

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