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Twitter Web App : Happening more and more that some fascinating, surprising, well-researched, carefully argued magazine feature will appear on here with a social-media headline like “Five Reasons Why Your Morning Commute Is the Worst.” We’ve entered the zone of reverse bait-and-switch.

Twitter Web App : Not only are red and blue America experiencing two different economies, but those economies are diverging fast and in real time. @markmuro1 Jacob Whiton

Twitter Web App : kang👎 Hayes Davenport I guess I’m suggesting that one can have a small off-brand audience or a big general audience, but in a lot of cases that try to do both (which seems to be more the goal now) what one ends up tapping into is a class/clan audience—wide in one dimension but narrow in another.

Twitter Web App : jelani cobb Thanks to the proliferation of checkout apps, there’s also huge expansion in pre-tipping—tipping for something that hasn’t happened yet—which makes it less a responsive gesture of gratitude and more transparently a topping-up of insufficient wages.

Twitter Web App : kang👎 What you call relatability or interest-coding often functions as group/class signalling—this is a podcast/article for people like you and me—that’s the opposite of an older omni, catholic voice, and maybe not healthy right now. But as with anything I think it’s in the execution.

Twitter Web App : The San Francisco version of a progression that could be written for most major American cities I can think of, with different industries subbed in. Cities, which used to encompass more genuine variety, used to be where you went to escape from a tracked life.…

Twitter Web App : A heartwarming Thanksgiving story. (Also, a hopeful story about the speed and strength of positive norm cascades: hard to imagine this happening even fifteen years ago.)…

Twitter Web App : “If I were talking to a young writer, I would recommend the cultivation of extreme indifference to both praise and blame because praise will lead you to vanity, and blame will lead you to self-pity, and both are bad for writers.” — John Berryman…

Twitter Web App : When I was in high school there was a required English class called Critical Thinking, the theme of which was basically How To Know When You’re Being Had Intellectually. The class was phased out at the end of the two-thousands. I think about this constantly.

Twitter Web App : Corey Seymour I actually think this is a symptom of work and not-work switching cultural roles. People feel more relaxed spending three hours seeming to pluck away at an ostensibly "productive" task, however asinine, than sitting as audience to a work.

Twitter Web App : RIP Clive James. A while ago I found myself reading this old funny piece about Casanova. The landing seemed one of the most graceful I’ve read in a Critic at Large, which stuck with me because grace was not the superlative I most associated with him.…

Twitter Web App : Jumped out at me across the decades because it describes such a specific visual—almost cinematic—moment; you can tell they both feel they’ve caught the effect exactly. Yet the precision is now largely lost because heliographs are no longer part of life.

Twitter Web App : William Faulkner: “He saw the fugitive’s hands glint once like the flash of a heliograph as the sun struck the handcuffs”

Robert Penn Warren: “The hoe will lift again and the blade will flash in the sun like a heliograph”