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Twitter Web Client : No matter how carefully you articulate your principles, when you meet new people, youre going to see them violated them in all sorts of unexpected, unforeseen ways. This is because your principles are shaped from your experience, which contains assumptions you arent aware of

Twitter Web Client : Kevin Simler Robin Hanson John Nerst I'm probably late to the philosophical party, but when I read:

鈥淭his [words = maps] bridges the old division between 鈥渋s鈥 and 鈥渙ught鈥.鈥

I *actually* 鈥 not exaggerating 鈥 stood from my chair and said, "holy shit." Coz: holy shit. I could hear the sound of my philosophy changing.

Twitter Web Client : Niki Smith @ Thought Bubble VH41 Thanks for bringing that up! I'd never *intentionally* exploit a fellow indie artist 鈥 and thank you for not assuming that, in good faith! This was literally the 1st rough sketch, & you're right, it's too close to Sf茅's style. More context here:鈥 Thx again!

Twitter Web Client : Melanie Gill Man Thanks for the constructive concern! This was literally the 1st concept sketch 鈥 I'm not even sure I'm making the game (which'd be free) 鈥 but you're right, it's way too close to Sf茅's style. I posted more context here to another tweet:鈥 Thx again!

Twitter Web Client : Its #ScreenshotSaturday! This week, I made a simulation of the Leitner Box, which is like a board/card game you play against yourself... to store stuff in your long-term memory, *indefinitely*.

Full deets here:

GIF below:

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Twitter Web Client : It鈥檚 here! Quaternions:

鈥淏ut Grant, 30 minutes seems like a bit much to set aside right now.鈥

Pssht, don鈥檛 give me that, I saw you on Netflix last night.

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Twitter Web Client : Omar Rizwan Dynamicland Growing up within a worldview of "apps" and "dev tools" constrains people to see everything in those terms. It can take tremendous unlearning to even be able to /see/ an "authoring is always on" system for what it is.鈥