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Twitter Web Client : I asked all of my therapist friends for their best mental health tips. Over 75 responded. In this video I鈥檓 sharing my favorite responses and helping you apply them to your life today!

Twitter Web Client : Lynn 鈾 Ah sorry! The permalink is

I'm still trying to figure out how to balance 1) making a first good impression 2) having a full record of my past stuff. I think I should probably have a separate "archive" page that people can click. Thanks for noticing!

Twitter Web Client : What if you could make long-term memory a *choice*? And what if you could do that... with a card game?

In case you missed it, I made an interactive guide to Spaced Repetition 鈥 a simple, science-backed way to remember pretty much anything!

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Twitter Web Client : Suzuka Thank you! And, totally agree on the importance of "why". Too often we focus exclusively on efficiency, tools, techniques, etc etc 鈥 the "hows". Gotta remember both "why" AND "how"

Twitter Web Client : Hello, friends. I'm looking for study\work opportunities in other countries. I currently do research in quantum information with tensor networks, but math\physics visualization and education is something that'd love to work on too. If you know someone in need, let me know!