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Twitter Web Client : SCIENCE IN FILM -- One hundred and fifty thousand people voted, with 86% in favor of me bringing back such commentary to my Twitter postings. 12% don't care. So I will continue, and brave the negative vibes of the 2% who voted no. Lots to catch up on...

iPhone : Scientists & engineers launched “InSight” from Earth (a moving platform) across 300million miles to arrive where Mars (a moving target) will be seven months later, landing safely to do geophysics at the Martian equator. And you have a problem listening to us about climate change?

Twitter Web Client : The pudgy, lovable, mildly creepy, microscopic Tardigrade “WaterBear” would make a most excellent Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon.

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TweetDeck : With the Kilogram now re-defined using physical constants by the International Bureau of Weights & Measures, the time has come to update and formalize America’s Vulgar units of Mass:…

TweetDeck : As an astrophysicist, I know how and why the Sun generates energy in its core. But I nontheless well-up at the sight of a majestic sunset, which brings out the poet in us all.

(“12 Apostles rock formation. Great Oean Road, Australia. Aug 2015)

iPhone : Born before Edwin Hubble discovered the expanding universe, he ultimately created an expanding universe of his own - one of scientifically literate superheroes such as Spider-Man , The Hulk, Iron Man, & Black Panther.
Stan Lee RIP: 1922 - 2018

TweetDeck : FYI: After WWI ended, 100 years ago today, a scattered epidemic of the Spanish Flu became a pandemic, as millions of soldiers shipped home, spreading the disease internationally, killing an additional 50-million people worldwide.

iPhone : baba By many measures we are living in one of the most peaceful eras in the history of civilization. The normalization is accurate and justified. (e.g. @SAPinker’s book: The Better Angels of our Nature)

iPhone : Think we live in violent times? During World War I, on average more than 10,000 people died per day for every day of the war — a football-stadium’s worth of people every week.

Twitter Web Client : Persistent parodies and mixed reactions to my Twitter comments on SCIENCE in MOVIES, makes it clear that my intent has been deeply misunderstood. That's why I stopped.

I'm simply sharing thoughts that may enhance your movie-going pleasure.
So time for a 3-day Twitter poll: