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iPhone : Jeremy Crawford hey I loved the new artificer! Will surely fill in the survey. Side note, I am curious about future books, any fey stuff on the horizon a sorcerous origin maybe? Thanks for all you do!

iPhone : ModernCryptid Telling me they dont is like telling me they only come in Human colours, why limit something that has no mechanical effect on the game? Btw people say Dragonborn racials are underpowered as it is give ‘em a tail attack or something.

iPhone : This one’s for all the tieflings out there. Bright crimson filled to the brim with swirling black smoke & scarlet embers. Love how sinister this set is! 🥀😈 Numbers will be 💅🏻, email updates about sales at, & totally completely inedible jolly ranchers.

iPhone : On one hand the #GameOfThrones final season has had some epic moments, on the other its had a lot of shit ones... I am not gonna go starting or signing any petitions but would have gladly waited another year for something... better. Very Meh

iPhone : I’m enjoying #SurvivingMars I wish there was a better way to manage citizens though and getting them into the right job.


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iPhone : 25 white, male legislators in Alabama voted to take away women’s health and rights. This bill
-could jail doctors for life just for providing care
-would put women’s lives in jeopardy
-makes NO EXCEPTIONS for rape or incest
Donate to Planned Parenthood Action:…

iPhone : Last night we had the "you can't cast two spells on the same turn" thing come up and I was like "Pretty sure you can." Here's one of the (many) threads covering the issue.…