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Android : I highly recommend everyone interested in this subject reads All the Shah's men. It dives deep in to the history of the coup and what happened afterwards. It tells a story most Americans don't know -- but one that they absolutely should.



Android : Below is the delicate way to say: Financial trouble is rabidly infecting the US economy.
You're either prepared or not.

A crack just emerged in the financial markets: The NY Fed spends $53 billion to rescue the overnight lending market


Android : Another Trump failure: ecological destruction, roll backs of EPA - No consideration of our planet - as Sanders says “This is H-UGE."
Border fence construction could destroy archaeological sites, National Park Service finds

Android : Trump is in over his head. He never should have fired NIDs, messed with experienced Intelligence agencies or throwing personnel in upheaval.

“Tehran rules out talks with U.S. as Trump steps back from directly blaming Iran”