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TweetDeck : Some mussels package their larvae in a membrane that resembles a small fish. When a real fish snaps it up, the membrane bursts, releasing the larvae to colonize the fishs gills and hitch a ride upstream. Isnt nature grand? On @KnowableMag…

Twitter Web App : It feels like half the internet is slow/not working right now…

TweetDeck : Can you distinguish the pictures below? Mouse visual cortex can 🐭. Neurometric discrimination thresholds of 0.32 degrees when you record 20,000 neurons 🔬. With Marius Pachitariu

TweetDeck : I'm kind of curious if anyone has the personalized News feature turned on Android and had it be remotely useful? I can't seem to train it to tell me about things I care about or are anything above gossip-level alerts

TweetDeck : I dont understand why Im getting bathroom renovation spam on my work account but I REALLY dont get why the footer of the email has this text.

Are spammers using GPT-2 to evade detection or something?

TweetDeck : Have you ever thought to yourself, I really wish I could automatically figure out who is the main cast in a Marvel movie but I just dont have an ecologically-inspired information metric to automatically detect it? Boy do I have the paper for you

Twitter Web Client : I've thought about this a lot today and decided that, if there was an apocalypse, I'd probably wake up but fall back asleep thinking "ugh I hate thunder at night" and then wake up 21 Days Later style

TweetDeck : Alex Naka Steve Shea yeah I think they are doing the nominal 'we provided a "strong" shared input and didn't see sensory-induced correlations' which is fine but also def insufficient to claim 'correlations are not due to shared input'