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Hootsuite Inc. : Bulgaria commits to joining the Euro, despite delay

Hootsuite Inc. : Lets face the race problem in our justice system, per Hannah Cox

Hootsuite Inc. : ICYMI: Not surprised at all Russia is considering to meddle in 2020 election, says Joe Biden

Twitter Media Studio : I think its obvious I was disappointed.

ICYMI: Newly-commuted Rod Blagojevich sounds off on President Obama on Newsmax TV. When you compare the last 2 presidents weve had in our country, [Trump] stands in stark contrast to Obama, who... passed on me

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Hootsuite Inc. : President Trump saved US by killing Barack Obamas policies, per Michael Busler

Twitter Media Studio : I broke no laws, Rod Blagojevich tells Newsmax TV

I was sent to prison by those guys, [James] Comey, [Patrick] Fitzgerald, the usual crowd..who are now using their unlimited power... to criminalize routine practices,

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Hootsuite Inc. : Will the current Iran regime ever be normal?

Hootsuite Inc. : Is Mike Bloomberg finished?

Hootsuite Inc. : Richard Grenell's spot as Trump's acting national intelligence director was met with much support from GOP activists and leaders

Hootsuite Inc. : President Trump floated the idea that House ally Rep. Doug Collins could become his permanent National Intelligence Director

Hootsuite Inc. : Do you think there is a plot to deprive Bernie Sanders a majority?

Hootsuite Inc. : Four great candidates for Intel chief, says President Donald Trump

Hootsuite Inc. : Israel is forcing Iran out of Syria, per Micah Halpern

Hootsuite Inc. : Space Force HQ to be stationed in Colorado Springs

Hootsuite Inc. : Ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich reacts to ongoing Trump-Bloomberg jabs to Newsmax TV: I think hes going to get his ass kicked

Twitter Media Studio : ๐Ÿ”Š BLAGOJEVICH: Politics is a rough business, it landed me in prison, Rod Blagojevich tells Newsmax TV.

On Mike Bloomberg vs Donald J. Trump: Its like a bantamweight fighter fighting against a heavyweight, & I think hes going to get his ass kicked.

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Twitter Media Studio : There has not been a president more tough on Russia than Donald J. Trump, George Papadopoulos tells Newsmax TVs John Bachman.

The last thing the Russians want is a pro-oil and natural gas president.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Is Joe Bidens lead in South Carolina dwindling?

Twitter Media Studio : It is all the grounds that is necessary for a new trial.

Longtime Roger Stone confidant Michael R. Caputo ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ speaks out regarding Stones sentencing: In the end this looks like a recipe that says Roger, one way or another, could stay out of jail.

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