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iPhone : You’re all so lovely to stick up for me but I’ve set up a donation link on my Instagram stories for Help Refugees and thrown in the first donation so if you want to join me in #virtuesignalling to annoy ‘Edmund’ further that’d be brilliant ❤️…

iPhone : We are sworn to intense secrecy right now about everything but when you see how incredible it is you’ll 💀…

iPhone : Plz can more people troll me cos it’s my best opportunity to humblebrag
- Also he is mad at me because I asked where I could donate coats to refugees 💁🏼‍♀️

iPhone : It also makes me realised trolls I muted months ago...have continued to try and troll me for months even though I didn’t see any of it

iPhone : I really hate that Twitter has changed the mute button, it used to be perfect the annoying fools used to be left pissing into the wind but now it’s basically like lift the flap and see what horrible stuff someone is saying about you

iPhone : I donate to Irish homeless charities frequently
I live in London have winter coats there and want to dontate them

Also who the *f* decided just cos I’m on telly I’m rich?

If you come in Twitter to complain to people about what charities they’re donating too honestly bore off…

iPhone : Hello! Can anyone point me in a direction of a charity collecting winter coats for refugees this winter?
I remember seeing posts for one last year but can’t find a current one