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iPhone : i hate that going to college right after highschool is the norm most people dont even know what they wanna do or force themselves to pick something for the sake of not feeling left out.... can we uhhh normalize taking a few years off of school and going to college at 25


I think now is an appropriate time to give away some of my extra Nekoma merch whilst we’re being fed so much content.

I’m also throwing in fics for winners for any ship or character within Haikyuu.

Ends 3rd of Sept if it flops it flops

iPhone : Rebecca Sugar had to threaten to quit for CN to agree to the rupphire wedding

Korrasami featured the first LGBT protagonist in a children's cartoon. It was heavily censored.

It took bubbline 8 years to be canon

We had to fight tooth and nail for these.

"Comfortable" my ass twitter.com/Gooptilicus/st…

iPhone : jus talked to someone i really care for about my gender confusion and shit and it did not go as well as i wanted it to lmaoooooo

iPhone : Naturally big boobs can be so annoying. They sag because they’re heavy, they cause back pain, finding a good bra/bikini is tough and when you do it costs a fortune, your outfit options usually result in you looking ‘boxy’ or being called ‘slutty’, and button up shirts are a myth. twitter.com/liveandlovee3/…

iPhone : la vida en el campo es mejor 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

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