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iPhone : tiny

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iPhone : hey diddle diddle
the cat and the fiddle…

iPhone : can my eyesight stop losing focus and getting blurry every 2 seconds fgs am i a camera lens

iPhone : ok gonna do more of these. ima get thru all of them even if it takes me a decade…

iPhone : I’d always only really known Christianity. I was born to a strict Southern Baptist family, and I was raised to be able to recall any Psalm or part from the Old Testament on command. My grandparents would take pride in how well versed I was in the Bible and understanding the...

iPhone : I wish a frog would jump on me while I’m driving cuz I’d kill us both 😭

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iPhone : i cant be the only spaz who confuses the turning signal when trying to indicate left with the windscreen wipers

iPhone : Shi’as pray on something called a ‘turbah’

We do this to preserve a Sunnah of Rasul Allah, who exclaimed the importance of praying on earth/mud

We are created from it, we will be buried in it and we follow Rasul Allah’s commands by prostrating on it

May Allah guide us all

iPhone : wallahi you lot need to start fearing Allah swt more. bro just focus on yourself and your faith. is it everyday bashing and disrespecting other peoples beliefs ??