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Bio Flaneur: focus on probability (philosophy), probability (mathematics), probability (logic),probability (reallife), deadlifts, Phoenician wine, dead languages.
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Twitter Web App : By policy, if my BS detector makes me go after someone very hard, it is BECAUSE I know his/her work.
For instance, I read everything from Pinker.
Psychs are idiots. It is almost never the reverse.

Twitter Web App : Looked at Plomin's work.
1-Knows 0 abt correlation (misses on linearity, transitivity, etc.)
2-Knows 0 abt error propagation & dimensionality, basically multivariate probability.
3-Grossly overestimates heredity (via pairwise twin studies)
4-Doesn't get IQ score !=intelligence…

Twitter Web App : People aren't getting my point.
Nothing to do with causation. Correlation requires linearity, does'nt allow subsampling and is very nonlinear.…