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iPhone : me after @savagexfenty show... watch now on Amazon Prime Video US

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iPhone : That marks the 14th straight victory at home for UAB Football!

Check out the fifth and final TD they scored in todays game 👇

📺: Conference USA on NFL Network every Saturday

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Twittascope : Your opportunities are more abundant than your obstacles now. ... More for Pisces

iPhone : Ever had sooo many people ask wtf you doing tonight .. say nothing .. end up doing something .. don’t tell anyone .. and feel like a loner .. lmfaooo no ? ii 🚶🏽‍♀️

iPhone : 440 pairs of womens shoes were hung on one of the city walls in Istanbul this week to draw attention to male domestic violence in the country. This is the number of women murdered by their husbands in Turkey in 2019.

iPhone : I cant express the amount of energy that was generated at my first SWIG Exclusive Networking Event. I was able to gather 80+ Local creatives into one room to simply COLLAB, CONNECT & GROW. Tampa has so much creativity & SWIG not just a brand its a lifestyle⚡️

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iPhone : I’m out with my baby’s dad and when he gets a call, my daughter passes me this paper and whispers “that’s his phone password, I saw it”.. 😭😭🤣

iPhone : Guys this is completely free!!! We both get a free stock when you join!!!Join Robinhood and well both get a stock like $AAPL, $F, or $S for free. Make sure to use my link.

Twittascope : You’re a bit of a magician when it comes to handling surprises... More for Pisces

iPhone : I’m fucking hilarious

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iPhone : 440 pairs of womens shoes were hung on one of the city walls in Istanbul this week to draw attention to male domestic violence in the country. This is the number of women murdered by their husbands in Turkey in 2019.

iPhone : I’ve been trying, to make you love me. But everything I’ve tried just takes you further from me

iPhone : “I hate to say it, I hope I dont sound ridiculous. I dont know who this man is. He could be walking down the street and I wouldnt know a thing. Sorry to this man.…

iPhone : When you walk in her crib and see Marilyn Monroe on her wall, Alfredo on the stove and LED lights in her room .

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iPhone : How insects fly by your ear

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iPhone : the modeling industry bar just keeps DROPPING. keep instagram models on instagram, stop putting them on the runway

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iPhone : Get this man in the X Games 😳

(via it_should_matter, you_got_that_comin/IG)

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iPhone : “I’m gone have to reschedule our plans.”

Me laying in the bed:

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iPhone : One day a Sylvia Rhone documentary will showcase how a black music executive on a white label backed her artists and gave them massive budgets to highlight and showcase their creativity.…

iPhone : I don’t know why people with kids always crying about not having a support system. Nobody told you to have a kid. That child is no ones responsibility but yours. Deal with it.

iPhone : This guy hit me with “you’re pretty but you’re attitude is ugly” because I didn’t answer his dms. Bon.

PlayStation(R)4 : Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - Open Beta) live at

Twittascope : Your generosity knows no bounds, but your common sense can set... More for Sagittarius

iPhone : There is a little Black girl whose face is floating around the internet who should be celebrating landing a modeling opportunity for H&M right now. Instead she’ll have to see commentary over how her hair should’ve looked better.

iPhone : People talking about makeup


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iPhone : Humans are the only species to drink milk after infancy and from another animal. It’s supposed to grow a calf to 300 lbs in 2 months which is why dairy is linked to acne, weight gain, and irregular periods.…

iPhone : The mechanic explaining to me that I need $3000 of work done while I’m still planning to leave with the oil change I came for.

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iPhone : He’s in the kitchen making a full course meal & it’s barely 6am... I thought he was getting ready for work but he doesn’t work Sundays lmfao

fllwrs : dozens of people followed me and 6 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by

Twitter Web App : Courting a woman you’re trying to pursue is not tricking. I feel like guys from this new generation like to use negative connotations like that because they’re just lazy with no substance and/or broke 🤷🏽‍♀️

iPhone : Just a heads up to all my fellow NYC/NJ residents. There’s a Halal Korean BBQ restaurant in jersey!!.

So Kong Dong Grill / Lighthouse Restaurant - Halal

261 Broad Avenue
Fairview, NJ 07022

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iPhone : Someone made this into a meme and I fully endorse it. 😂

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