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Android : fellas, is it gay to have cone-shaped photoreceptor cells that respond to different wavelengths of light? what if you see one of the FEMININE colours? 🧐 twitter.com/GamerTakes/sta…

Android : twitter used to be about acting unhinged for pure pleasure; now people from tumblr have come here to intellectualize acting unhinged and people from linkedIn have come here to pretend that acting unhinged makes them an industry thought leader

Android : The image of these country club pricks visiting an internment camp with just dead, doll-eyed stares of boredom is enough hate fuel to last years. twitter.com/NBCNews/status…

Android : Interesante que lo diga un profesor que intentó que un decano amigo de la Universidad de Chile le convalidara ramos de pedagogía para convertirse en periodista titulado, lo cual provocó un paro en la escuela de periodismo a fines de los 90. twitter.com/Profecampusano…

Android : This is exactly right. And one of the reasons so many people have trouble identifying red flags for abusive relationships is because entertainment media often depicts abusive behavior in ways that glorify, excuse or rationalize that behavior. twitter.com/evanrachelwood…

Android : Creo que un país que habla de "niños de excelencia" está cagadísimo. Y ya si se hace a nivel gubernamental, es desesperanzador. No sé cómo no son capaces de sentarse a pensar lo horroroso de un concepto así. Esa weá no se hace, no se dice, ni siquiera debiera pensarse.