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Twitter Web App : A supertanker plane dropping water to obstruct the Amazon burning. The person behind it? Bolivia’s socialist leader Evo Morales.

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Twitter Web App : Occupied West Papua is currently witnessing unrest on a scale not seen in years.

Read the full article on the background to the protests:


iPhone : If you were left hungry for a bit more after our Sudden Catastrophic Streaming Failure at the end of #TyskySour last night, the audio version has a little more discussion. Check it out at the link below or on the Novara Media soundcloud.…

iPhone : Over the past week, West Papua - which has been occupied by Indonesia since 1963 - has witnessed unrest on a scale not seen in years. Connor Woodman explains the background to the protests.…

iPhone : Are free market economies actually free?

In their new book, The Peoples Republic of Walmart, Michal Rozworski and Leigh Phillips argue that the world’s biggest corporations are laying the foundation for Socialism.
Full interview here:

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Twitter Web App : Who can help Adam?
📚 Leave your book and video recommendations below. 📺…

iPhone : I spoke to civil society activists concerned that the rate of evictions were greater than ever since the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem and moves for #Palestinian #displacement from the city were gaining pace.

Published here with Novara Media…

Twitter Web App : Since the opening of a new US Embassy in Jerusalem last year, human rights groups say Palestinians have been evicted from the city faster than ever before.…

iPhone : Meat production uses massively more water and land than all other food. It’s also responsible for more Co2 emissions than cars.

Brazilian agri-bosses are burning the Amazon for more cattle. The reality is we need to move beyond meat

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iPhone : Everyone waiting to hear what the plan to avoid a hard border in Ireland is.

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Twitter Web App : Get your tickets for #TWT19 at
It's going to be unmissable.…