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iPhone : TODAY: Countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo. He knows all about the history of countertenors and their predecessors, castrati. He's about to star in the Metropolitan Opera's production of 'Akhnaten,' by Philip Glass.

TweetDeck : Friday Rebroadcast: Claire Tomalin Moves 'Between The Trivial And The Tragic' In 'A Life Of My Own'

Twitter Web App : Great interview on Fresh Air with Conan OBrien “..and it doesn’t matter where you’re from. Every generation is trying to better their circumstances from the previous generation.”…

Twitter Web App : When efforts to build a border wall stalled, President Trump suggested other options — including building a trench filled with snakes and alligators, according to a forthcoming book by journalists Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael Shear.

Twitter Web App : It was such an honor to talk with Terry Gross today about BORDER WARS, the book on @realdonaldtrump and immigration that Julie Davis and I wrote. The show airs tomorrow. Our book is out next week, but you can order it today here:……

TweetDeck : "Say what you want about my career," Conan OBrien says. "Someone can like me; they can despise me; they can completely not care; or be completely neutral about me; but everyone would have to agree that it's a really unusual career."

TweetDeck : "Sometimes when you're in the public eye, it can get murky as to who's really my friend. Who's going to come visit me in the hospital? Who's going to come over to my house when my dog dies and drink cocoa with me? Who are those people?" - Conan OBrien

Twitter Web App : TODAY: Conan OBrien. He's recently switched up the format of his late-night show, and is about to launch the second season of his podcast, 'Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend.' He'll talk about his unusual career, and how his comedy has been driven in part by anxiety. He'll also sing!

Twitter Web App : A superpower we should all aspire to!…

Twitter Web App : When actor Antonio Banderas was in the hospital after a heart attack a few years ago, a nurse told him that the heart was a warehouse for feelings.

The recovery informed his performance in Pedro Almodóvar's "Pain and Glory."

TweetDeck : .Antonio Banderas had always considered himself a "tough guy," slow to cry and not overly sensitive, but since suffering a heart attack a few years ago, he's found himself tearing up watching movies or listening to music.