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iPhone : I’m on my fourth time watching this

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iPhone : “Francis recently acknowledged that a good deal of the opposition to his pontificate emanated from the US, telling a reporter who handed him a book exploring the well-financed and media-backed... effort to undermine his agenda that it was “an honor that the Americans attack me.”…

iPhone : Imagine if Bill Clinton had the technology and started posting dank memes about George H.W. Bush during the Lewinsky trial.

iPhone : It’s a measure of how acclimated we are to this utterly depraved situation that the president can shitpost about his predecessor in the middle of his impeachment trial, and it doesn’t ruffle the feathers of any mainstream figures in the slightest.…

iPhone : The pinned tweet on Marsha Blackburn's Twitter account baselessly calls Alexander Vindman the whistleblower's "handler."

On Thurs, Blackburn questioned Vindman's patriotism using a tweet from someone who promotes QAnon and presenting their claim as fact.…

iPhone : “Everyone gets a day off, Mr. Schiff? No. We are ready to proceed,” Jay Sekulow said, if I remember correctly.

iPhone : On Tuesday, Senator Schumer offered an amendment—his 10th—to push the schedule back a day, which would’ve put the start of the President’s lawyers’ opening on Monday. They opposed it, and every Republican except Collins voted it down.…

iPhone : We are going to continue to push for documents and witnesses. What trial in America...does not have witnesses and documents? --Rep. Val Demings

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iPhone : Rudy pushed Ukraine conspiracy theories so breathlessly that Fox & Friends hosts couldnt even get a word in. Beyond parody. He then called for an investigation into Joe Biden.

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iPhone : More than 1 million Iraqis out in the streets today telling America to get the f*** out of Iraq.

Absolutely amazing.

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