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Twitter Web App : Pope Francis rejects a watermark proposal for the ordination of married men in remote areas, avoiding, for now, a potentially momentous change for the tradition of celibacy in the church.…

SocialFlow : Breaking News: Pope Francis rejected a proposal to allow married priests in remote areas, avoiding, for now, a potentially momentous change

SocialFlow : Joe Biden's fifth-place finish in the New Hampshire Democratic primary was a devastating outcome for a former vice president with widespread name recognition, deep relationships across the party and a lengthy roster of endorsements

SocialFlow : Nissan Motors filed a lawsuit in Japan seeking $90 million from its former chairman, Carlos Ghosn, who fled the country before his trial on charges of financial wrongdoing

SocialFlow : A British businessman believed to be the source of a cluster of coronavirus cases in Britain and France came forward on Tuesday, saying that he had fully recovered but would remain in isolation as a precaution

SocialFlow : A Chinese student trying to return to her university in Australia is stuck on a South Korean island. Amid coronavirus anxiety, she has been met with fear and discrimination.

SocialFlow : Sugary drink consumption in Chile is dropping thanks to sweeping food regulations that have inspired other countries in the fight against obesity

SocialFlow : The allegation from a White House official that Huawei maintains access to the data that flows through its network is the latest step in a campaign to thwart the Chinese telecom giant’s rise

SocialFlow : Even before Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chosen successor announced this week that she would step aside, sending German politics into deeper disarray, there were complaints about German leadership in Europe

SocialFlow : The closer we feel toward someone, the less likely we are to listen carefully to them. It’s called the closeness-communication bias and, over time, it can strain, and even end, relationships.

SocialFlow : Sometime on Tuesday, Egypt's population hit 100 million. There are concerns in the country about the effects of the demographic explosion on poverty, rising unemployment and a growing scarcity of basic resources like land and water.

SocialFlow : Daimler's slump in profit exemplifies the challenges facing the German car industry, which could be serious enough to push the whole country into recession

Twitter Web App : Some called him a “great leader” who shaped Kenya's post-independent future. Others say he was a kleptocrat whose regime stoked ethnic violence and committed gross human rights violations. My piece on the legacy of Daniel arap Moi ahead of his burial today

SocialFlow : Your next smartphone may flip open to reveal its screen and fold up when you are ready to put it away — just like the old-school clamshell phones from the 1990s.

The question is: Is that something we even want anymore?

SocialFlow : The Japanese company SoftBank Group has taken another multibillion-dollar hit from its ambitious but costly bets on once high-flying companies like Uber and WeWork

SocialFlow : Canada's newest Tyrannosaur species was smaller than T. Rex. But its jaw had unusual vertical ridges and a battle scar, and scientists named it for a god of death

SocialFlow : As of Tuesday, only 439 of the 3,600 people stuck aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship have been tested for the coronavirus. So far, 174 passengers are known to be infected — the most cases anywhere outside China.

Twitter Web App : Notre enquête dans le New York Times, en français, sur Gabriel Matzneff, l’écrivain poursuivi pour son éloge de la pédophilie, et l’élite qui l’a soutenu. Nous avons retrouvé l’écrivain, ostracisé, pour un long entretien sur la Riviera italienne.…

SocialFlow : More than 18 years after the United States invaded Afghanistan, President Trump has conditionally approved a peace deal with the Taliban that would withdraw the last American troops from the country