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Bio Designers who think in code. We make things like @dropmark, @siteleaf, @partlyblue, and @pizzacompass. Ship or it didnt happen.
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TweetDeck : Nike x Stranger Things
partnership is too good.

6 shoes from 1985. 3 with the kids’ Hawkins High School colors + logo, 3 in more classic colors. Huge IP + huge brand = huge win.

Buffer : Sea Hero Quest: how a video game is helping to diagnose dementia url.oak.is/2VpxwQV

TweetDeck : Dropmark is a core part of our workflow. We thought we'd show you how we used Dropmark for our redesign β€” yes, we're getting meta: dropmark.com/blog/using-dro…

Buffer : Color schemes for web and UI from accidental snapshot compositions url.oak.is/2LGxpki

Buffer : 😍the work people created for β€˜A Word, A Week’ is amazing: url.oak.is/2LGUyDp

TweetDeck : Figma Pacman Game! πŸ’œ Customize the Figma file and play your Figman game in only five minutes:

✨ Design your own levels. πŸ•Ή
✨ Make your own characters. πŸ„
✨ Create puzzling mazes and challenge others!
✨ Add your friends into the game! πŸ‘«

β†’ figma-pacman.glitch.me πŸͺ

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Buffer : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a Super Hero πŸ™Œ url.oak.is/2Vo9shg

Buffer : Always great to work on the SVA Design Portfolios App, watch the video showcasing the class of 2019 url.oak.is/2E2siVh

Buffer : As if we werent excited enough about Detective Pikachu url.oak.is/2WvLWjW

Buffer : How to Efficiently Design Everything at the Last Minute url.oak.is/2DVPMf0

Buffer : Like this branding for Offblak, but not sure about how successful saying dont buy our tea is url.oak.is/2H0uVJ6

Buffer : These planted products are dumb funny url.oak.is/2GZ8HaC

Buffer : Were into this identity design for Blend Statios url.oak.is/2Y6ixwW