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Bio Designers who think in code. We make things like @dropmark, @siteleaf, @partlyblue, and @pizzacompass. Ship or it didnt happen.
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Buffer : .@dcscores create neighborhood teams that give kids in need the confidence & skills to succeed on the field, in the classroom, & in life. Their website dcscores.org is #builtwithsiteleaf

Buffer : Diary of a Wimpy Kid is totally rad, and we loved talking with their team last year about how they use Dropmark to co-ordinate their global partners (and they said some delightful stuff about books and us): url.drp.mk/2IHNqVj

iPhone : As the school season is approaching, children, parents, and teachers are forced to be aware of gun violence, more than ever before. Innocent students are put in harm’s way and punished for no reason. What’s it going to take? #100Everyday #Hyperakt

iPhone : Design friends,
I have an amazing project kicking off at Google and now have 3 open contracts to fill.

1. UX motion designer
2. Design systems expert
3. Graphic designer

🔁 RTs appreciated.
💬 DMs Open.

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Twitterrific for iOS : Annie Wu Today I walked past a lady whose laugh sounded like the beginning of Wipeout and I couldn’t believe my luck

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I break things. That’s how my curiosity works.

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Instagram : My first ever backpacking experience was an incredible, all-consuming, 4-day adventure, thanks to this amazing human and dear friend, shiflett. ❤️ @ Buchanan Pass instagram.com/p/B0kfMdDAEKx/…

Twitter Ads Composer : Tired of millennial pink? Try melodramatic purple... thecut.com/2018/04/melodr…

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iPhone : this is maya, her owner built her a luxury cabin so that people passing by can say hello and even talk to her while hes at work
(Fencing Decking Specialists NI FB)

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Sprout Social : .Tina Essmaker will discuss her new Asking Not Asking column on IG Live w/ guest aundre. The topic? How to build a business & how to know when to keep on the same path or chart a new course. Follow us on IG (@wnotw) & tune in Tuesday, 8/20 at 2pm EDT. Bring Qs!

Twitter Web App : true pleasure reading is when you read something without the intent of taking for your own writing. when you just ENJOY, APPRECIATE, FALL IN. if you are incapable of this, youve lost something crucial.

Twitter Web App : Even when facing an overwhelming pressure and intimidation from #China, the people of #HongKong increasingly shows a singular solidarity by supporting the demonstrators. #Democracy #Freedom #HongKongProtests #Shenzhen

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Twitter Web App : #TBT Hace 5 años iniciamos el rodaje de Rogelio - La Película
Mirá el trailer!! ➤bit.ly/2Y4wUl6

Twitter Web App : While researching #UX patterns I stumble upon amazing stuff. This one is for the fellas doing #photography. Reduce RAW size by 80% with the first RAW optimization software - their words, not mine. Check it out here: dotphotonraw.com

iPhone : this is the best tiktok ive ever seen in my entire LIFE

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iPhone : Design Jam has quickly become my favorite networking event because its interactive and always for a good cause. Last nights event tackled how to destigmatize mental illness. 🖤
#mentalhealth #designthinking #ux #userexperience #designjam
Impact Hub Austin

Twitter Web Client : Jason Kadrmas I love the github.com/blackjk3/react… built by you. The drag n drop form builder seems amazing. However, we are not sure how to access the built forms from the localhost form builder? Can you throw some light on that or help with a tutorial link? Thanks.

Twitter Web App : So much young talent is wasted at big tech companies. Your 20’s are so valuable. Energy, creativity, curiosity, stamina ... all at their peak.

Please don’t waste this time at Facebook or Google. They’ll always be there when if want to slow down.

Be bold. Take risks early.

Twitter Web App : 🌈 SuperHi Summer Scholarship 🌈 Win all of SuperHis go-at-your-own-pace online code + design courses! Scholarship open to everyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+. Apply before August 18th. superhi.com/scholarship/su…